Three people killed and 13 injured in overnight Russian missile strike on Odesa

Source: Meduza

At least three people have been killed and 13 more injured in a missile strike on Odesa, carried out by the Russian military the night before June 14. Ukrainska Pravda reported on the casualties in the Ukrainian port city, citing military sources.

According to Ukraine’s Operational Command South, four Russian Kalibr cruise missiles had been launched at Odesa from a ship in the Black Sea. Three of them had been shot down by air defense systems, Ukrainian Air Force reports.

An office building, an apartment complex, a school, a McDonald’s location, and stores in central Odesa have all been damaged by the strike. A fire broke out on 400 square meters (4,300 square feet) of warehouse space at the Tavria B warehouse, where three people were killed.

The rescue operation is complete, reports Ihor Klymenko, an Interior Ministry official, on Telegram.

At the time of this publication, Russia’s Defense Ministry had not yet made any comment on the missile strike on Odesa.

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