‘The town has been destroyed’: Germany deals with flood aftermath

Western Germany is cleaning up the worst natural disaster to hit the country in almost 60 years.

By Ruairi Casey | Al Jazeera News|

Helpers check for victims in flooded cars on a road in Erftstadt [Michael Probst/AP]

Berlin, Germany – A bright blue painting sits upon the soaked debris scattered around the streets of Stolberg in western Germany, marking the studio of local artist Dennis Brandt.

Inside, more wreckage is piled in a heap and drenched sketches peel from the walls where floodwaters rose almost to the ceiling.

“The town has been destroyed, everything really, streets and houses,” Brandt told Al Jazeera.

“My studio, 20 years of work, paintings, everything is gone. It was a painting school for children as well, now that’s gone too.”

Among his now-destroyed collection was a post-apocalyptic view of Stolberg that he had painted last year, which depicted high waters lapping around the town’s marketplace. Brandt could scarcely believe it had become a reality.

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