The Three Youthful Liberians That Are Making the Difference

Recent survey conducted by this writer discovered that in recent time some young Liberians are doing all in their powers to see their beloved Country, Liberia becoming the best amongst the comity of nations; referencing their nationalistic contributions over the years which gives rise to youth participation in national development.

As the Country gearing up in its path for improved development in its infrastructural and economic growth, the writer has spotted three of the Country’s industrious young and brilliant men whose aimed is to see their nation taken a developmental leap amongst the comity of nations by making sure that their meaningful contributions to their beloved Country positively impact the lives of the nation and its people.

Recounting the selfless contributions over the years, this writer independently observed that the likes of Liberia’s Deputy Ministers of Sports, G. Andy Quamie, Liberia Football Association presidential contender, Mustapha Raji and one of Liberia’s young humanitarian and developmentally oriented individual, Mr. Mark Keshen popularly known as ‘Fox’ have over the years made their marks in the growth and development of Liberia’s human resources.

G Andy Quamie

He served as Executive Secretary at Soccer for hope Liberia, the Federation of International Football Association (FIFA). He is a product of the University of Liberia from its Graduate School program, and has always made it his by making the best out of a limited opportunity. Over the years, Quamie has helped to change the lives of the underprivileged through support to street football.

At the LFA he also worked in various capacities including Chairman of the proposed premier league board, Co-chairman on the media, sponsorship & marketing standing committee, and served on the Confederation of Africa Football (CAF) media committee, he also served as FIFA & CAF match commissioner.

This youthful and brilliant Liberian also served as a member of the Board of Trustees of the first Baptist Church, Oldest Congo Town Community; helping to serve the Communities and mankind by winning loss soul for Jesus Christ.

A very hard working person and result oriented achiever, believes in individuals who, according to him believe in team working to achieve your goal. Service oriented, and a humble personality who idea is to give meaning to the less fortunate, underprivileged kids, streets or abandoned kids, orphanages, and helping to shift your future in a positive way by giving them career through vocational training opportunity, socio counseling.

Mustapha Raji

The likes of Mustapha Raji who recently won the just ended Liberia Football Association (LFA) presidential election have also been picked by this writer as one of those young Liberians who are making great impact in the lives of Liberians.

Raji who served as President of LISCR FC and the Gardnersville FC has been considered by many of his admirers for his dutifulness for this reason he was reportedly favored by a majority of the stakeholders in the Liberian sporting arena.

Mustapha is reported to have made a huge investment in sports, starting with the youth and two other teams.Each of his teams has over 30 young players who are paid monthly, with medical incentives.

“He has a vision for Liberian football,” a stakeholder said. “Raji’s vice president-designate will be Sekou Konneh of BYC Football; and so Liberia soccer will survive the hurdles that frustrate it.”

Mark Kershen

Another young Liberian who has over the years made his mark in youth development is Mark Kershen, popularly call ‘FOX’ ; born in Jeletabo, Pleebo, Sorloken District, Maryland County, Mark Keshen and his parents came to Monrovia for better life.

His chances for the upcoming Montserrado County Senatorial election seems to be on the right path, as many of his supporters mostly the youthful population are doing all in his powers to have him seated as the County (Montserrado County) next Senator to replace Senator George Weah who is now Liberia’s 23rd President.

‘Mark’, the youngest of several brothers and sisters is a renowned businessman, humanitarian and philanthropy who has touched the lives of many in Liberia and across the globe. According to a research by this writer, during the outbreak of the Ebola epidemic which took the lives of thousands of Liberians, Mr. Mark Keshen singlehandedly brought into the country two mobile clinics. One of these mobile clinics was given to the people of Margibi County through Senator Oscar Cooper.

Being noticed for his numerous contributions to the growth and development of Liberia, and his many swiftness in tackling the needs of his people, admirers and colleagues, many of them prefers to call him ‘The Fox’ is the President and CEO of chain of companies situated locally and internationally with hundreds of Liberians being the direct beneficiaries of his quest for a better livelihood, and whose lives have been changed through his job creation.

The vision of Mr. Keshen, known as the “Fox Vision” seeks to improve the lives of the ordinary people and community with the intent to make Liberia a better place for all Liberians.

Yes indeed these three youthful Liberians are making the difference in the lives of Liberians

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