‘The Pro-Poor Agenda Is An Open Book Policy,’ Says Fahngon

Minister Eugene Fahgon

(LINA) – Deputy Information Minister for Public Affairs, Eugene L. Fahngon, has said President George Weah is making good his promise to the Liberian people during his presidential campaign relating to his platform “Power to the People.”

According to Fahngon, the platform “Power to the people” is basically on Education, Sanitation, Gender, Training, and Youth Reorientation.

Fahngon made the statement Thursday during the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) regular press briefing held in the MICAT Press hall on Capitol Hill in Monrovia.

He stated that the Government has made significant progress in the last 90 days, adding, “In terms of the economy and jobs, the government is looking at sustainable growth and increasing the country’s GDP to twenty percent.”

Fahngon noted that the government is also looking at agriculture and forestry in addition to infrastructure development looking at the backyard land project and overhead bridges.

He indicated that the Government is also engaged in sustainable peace, justice and human rights, adding that in terms of human rights, they are pleased to inform the public of the return of journalist Jonathan Paye-layleh to the country.

Fahngon stated that Paye-Layleh is a Liberian citizen and a well-known journalist and should be respected and given the opportunity to work.

Meanwhile, the Deputy Information Minister has said as part of the platform of the president, they will also be looking at governance and transparency, adding that Governance and Transparency have already been started by President George Weah.

He stated that the platform of President Weah is not a secret policy, but rather an open book policy, adding that the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning is currently working on the template of the Government’s Pro-Poor agenda.

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