The Portrait Of A Looter – Symbolizing The George Weah Statute

Written by: Daniel T. Bestman

January 4, 2019

Genuinely history must reward mankind for their job inside the progression of man’s environment and deeds. Aside from my generation to put the weight of history on the shoulder of partner not well arranged and faked character, she should be wholeheartedly marked by history in either point of view. Evidence of her condemnation must be anchored for posterity  to bring up those restless and rubbing issues on her slips. Maybe a huge segment of MY GENERATION hasn’t practiced that authentic stories and portrayals are propounded inside the parochial perspective of the narrators, therefore society for the most part has its own reasonable extent of the logical inconsistencies thus characterizes the specific truth of the happenings. Therefore, if brilliance in the public eye is to be hurled to honorable men for their respectable deeds, they have to recreate as insignia of ethical quality not shortfall to the advancement of mankind.

Disregard not, that Portraits of illuminating presences from the beginning of time have highlighted men into 2 independent sorts, ANGELS OR DEMONS. In like manner unrivaled chronicled legitimate stories indicate bandits as saints for midnight commandos and garish mistresses. They ordinarily grow 5 star wings all through time of political, financial or social emergencies and to scratch the available treasury with their lethal directions. Should a Legend request sketch at once where his administration can’t represent missing billions without a moment’s delay 3 months of his ascendancy? Should a broken economy and dying people commend an obvious freebooter at the limitations of citizens?

Commit no errors; the image of history has officially painted the shade that gleam President Weah as a football legend. He has been delegated the most prevalent player on the African Continent ever; A secondary school drop-out who triumphantly changed over into a profitable soccer gem; from grass to grace, develop from the domain of Gibraltar by a solitary grandma; being the sole African player to win the FIFA World Player award were the heavenly minutes celebrated long since. Despite the fact that these minutes left no positive legacy inside the football arena since the exit of this capable football symbol, Liberia has battled in acquiring the type of his sort. With all the universal football contacts he has, Liberian soccer celebrities endure acknowledgment deficiency at significant soccer dimensions. Until date pertinent consideration has not been given to the game which scarfs my generation thinking and prepared inclination.

Nonetheless, any repaint of this picture out of the platform of the football field will inspire the ramifications of CORRUPTION, risky GOVERNANCE, AND REPUTATION DEFICIT deeply. Particularly underneath condition where the official request separates the nonexistent billions from the National Vault. In a period where the economy has devalued to a hodge-podge  and hard time ranch at international levels, President Weah takes US $200,000.00 of citizens money to request glorification for his deeds on the football pitch from a SECT of frantic pioneers and gut epicures to the detriment of my generation. For the records, those that are soldiering hard in slandering my generation  to the second mix-up by building  statute for President Weah must comprehend that they have just been disdained and defamed as creators of extremely dim history.

The historical  understandings of any George Weah statute  structured all through his Presidency won’t exclusively venerated him for football anyway but uncover the real idea of his individual all through his standard of wide scale plundering. History will unpredictably  ask the certainties that steered this rule. It will hone the inconsistencies as sharp they existed in various to leave society with the weight of judgment. It will furthermore translate his normal testimony  as he faced justice for war and economic crimes during and after his rule. The images that  reflected the George Weah statute depict an individual who perishes his quality through overpower brotherhood to debasement and shaded deeds. Honestly, the talk once modified will bring the George Weah connectedness in soccer to decline, debauchery and along these lines the high ramifications of history for wrongdoings of defilement in other to serve inside the world chronological registry. The representation of George WEAH infers that each man regardless of whether great or terrible must be recollected; in this manner George Weah is associated with unfeeling extravagancy, the unaccounted missing billions and ideal scope of extensive scale CORRUPTION.

In this way, my generation goes up against the cumbersome obligation to address the blunders that she cherished and agreed not with the hurried and unstudied decisions to hail a precipitation subject who disintegrates the framework with anti-democratic fundamentals. It’s the possibility of my age that honorable men ought to be praised for their motivations and effects to society. Respectable men ought to be looked at as they develop in position with the required  decency that society appreciates and edges from. This can be not the situation with the George Weah rule. Amid this season of developing economic hardship, for what reason would it be advisable for us to (my generation) tend to commend the plunderer and related instigator to our hard and sad times? Would it be advisable for us to pilot an inclination to commend a symbol whose initiative has set Liberia to poorest country on the planet? At once where the raider rides a vehicle worth US $300,000.00 to the detriment of the destitute and irate masses, foul disobedience of the law, impudence to open administration and useless open announcements move toward becoming perspective of the residents to praise this WHITE COLLAR THIEF and checkered local official with the USELESS STATUTE.

THE GEORGE WEAH STATUTE IN ESSENCE AND UPRIGHTNESS SYMBOLIZES THE PORTRAIT OF A VAMPIRE LOOTER. It’s a resistance TO HISTORICAL TIME AND PURPOSE AND THUS LACKS THE IOTA OF conscious CELEBRATION by an inconvenience people. My generation  has no arrangement and motivation to hail  George Weah over the enthusiasm of the grieved MASSES, she accordingly pull back any connection of this liked connivance to change the shade of her history.


ABOUT THE AUTHOR: He is a student of the Stella Maris Polytechnic and a Fighting Intellectual Commando of the Uncompromising Economic Freedom Fighter of Liberia. Mr. Daniel T. Bestman can be reached @ +231776811809/+231880618248. He is an lifeblood-convicted Afrocentrist and Neo-Progressive Advocate.

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