The Need for Boakai-led Gov’t to Conduct Thorough Audit


ACCORDING TO FINANCIAL experts, “An audit involves a methodical review of financial documents, statements, or procedures to ensure they are accurate, comprehensive, and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.”

IT IS THEREFORE prudent that any succeeding government would love to go back to get firsthand information about the system they are inheriting. So, the issue of witch-hunt should be thrown out of minds of those who see audit to be a witch-hunt of former officials.

AS LIBERIANS ANXIOUSLY await the inauguration of the country’s 25th President, Ambassador Joseph Nyuma Boakai to take the helm of power for six years, there is a need that a complete audit be done thoroughly and transparently of officials of the outgoing government in order for the Liberian people to know the current trend of the country.

MEANWHILE, AS THE next incoming administration led by President-elect Joseph Boakai gets set to take the reins of power, Liberians have begun to signal early cries for the Boakai’s government to prosecute alleged corrupt officials in President George Weah and former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s administrations if Liberia is to depart from business as usual.

ALMOST EVERY RADIO talk show across the country and as well as other media outlets have broadcast and published contents of Liberians calling on the incoming government to initiate comprehensive audits of both Weah and Sirleaf’s administration.

FOR LIBERIANS, THEIR country has been pillaged over the years by government officials who in the end go with impunity, a bad situation that has made Liberians to be impoverished for over 175 years.

A NEW BEGINNING has to start to deal with the menace called corruption if Liberia is to develop and become a country the future generation will be proud of. It therefore prudent that the incoming administration of Joseph Nyuma Boakai conduct a thorough audit in order to know what he and his government will be inherit to avoid a future story of ‘inheriting a broken economy’ as was done by the Weah’s administration upon taking over from former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Liberians await anxiously.

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