The Missing LD16 Billion Sagas: Is It Noisy Majority In The Fray?

Huge Liberian Dollars Bank Note

“Liberians are noted of making issue big at its initial start, we’re not hearing anything regarding the alleged missing sixteen billion Liberian dollars. Now Liberians are talking about President Weah’s bill to the 54th to the National legislature   calling for the cancellation of tenure positions within the Executive Branch of Government; you hardly here about missing billion anymore,”  Thomas Q.R. Johnson who claimed to be a concern Liberian speaking to the GNN today pondered.

What is believed to be another noisy majority in the ‘Bring Back Our Sixteen Billion’ is becoming to be glaring, as nothing is not been heard about this much talked about ‘missing billions’, with ordinary Liberians who spoke to this news outlet are expressing concern about the whereabouts of  the taxpayers’ money reportedly missing.

“I agreed with ex-president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf that here in Liberia we have noisy majority who at times speak loudly about issues they claimed are affecting the larger population; the wellbeing of Liberians, but later on such advocacy vanish in thin air, like the case of the alleged missing sixteen billion Liberian dollars,” another concern students of the University of Liberia, Aaron K. Turkette speaking disappointedly of on how things are going on in Liberia nowadays said.

As Liberians enveloped with mixed reactions on the slow pace of the result from the committee recently setup by the Liberian Government to speedily probe into the missing billion sagas, many are questioning the sincerity of the committee as to whether the true of the matter will ever be revealed at the end of its long-awaited investigation.

In separate interviews with dozens of Liberians by our staff regarding their take on the missing billions, many expressed hope that the Liberian Government will come out to tell the Liberian people the facts surrounding the missing billions, and not to confuse the Liberian people with another controversy like in the case of entitled “An Act Prohibiting the Tenure of Public Officials Within the Executive Branch of Government”.

“President Weah must be practical and straight to tell the Liberian people about our missing money; we are looking up to him to tell us the facts about this. We are carefully watching this government, and anxious to know the truth about this alleged missing money,” Esther Walker Peters expressing frustration over number of issues that created dark cloud over Liberia said.

President Weah in his bid to cancel all tenure positions at various institutions including the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP), the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC), the Liberia Revenue Authority (LRA), the Public Procurement and Concession Commission (PPCC), the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) and several others are not the topic of discussion amongst Liberians wondering as to why now?

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