The Liberian Diplomatic Passport Nightmare: President Weah And Ivorian Businessman Ousmane Bamba

As the Liberian media is being flooded with the issuing of Diplomatic Passports to foreigners by officials of the executives and some members of the legislature as a result of this, the Liberian leader, President George Weah recently ordered an immediate halt to the issuance of diplomatic passports following a FrontPage Africa report that a Liberian diplomatic passport was discovered in the home of Sheik Bassirou Kante during a search by U.S. authorities.

Mr. Kante was arrested for alleged money laundering conspiracy by FBI agents in the United States in April and is currently in pre-trial detention.

As part of its full coverage of the case, FrontPageAfrica reported that the popular Liberian businessman could not secure a bail bond as the court has taken into consideration several factors, including his possession of a Liberian diplomatic passport and his very close ties with the Liberian government.

Concern is being raised in Liberia regarding the alleged abuse of a Liberian diplomatic passport by an Ivorian businessman identified as Ousmane Bamba. Ousmane Bamba is said to be a friend of Liberian President, George Weah.

Information gathered by Smart News Liberia revealed how Bamba has allegedly been doing a private job for the Liberian leader and has claimed to be his (President) adviser.

Recently the Liberian leader ordered foreign Minister Dee-Maxwell Saah Kemeyan to probe how a Liberian with the checkered character was arrested in the US in possession of a Liberian diplomatic passport.

But people knowledgeable of a major passport scandal at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are requesting President Weah to widen the investigation to include all passport scandals including the one that is allegedly in the possession of Mr. Ousmane Bamba.

Sources told Smart News Liberia that the passport in the possession of the Ivorian was allegedly issued by President Weah. Giving details of the case, our sources revealed that Bamba and President Weah have very strong ties and that the Liberian leader and some Liberian Muslims attended an occasion in the Ivory Coast early last year to dedicate a mosque built by Bamba in his hometown of Tiebassou.

Document in possession of Smart News Liberia revealed that Bamba allegedly used the name of President Weah alone with some Liberians and Ivoirians to allegedly dupe an international firm Candy International Group of about 2 million Euros.

Ousmane Bamba is also a strong supporter of President Quattara who forced a third term as President of the West African state of Cote d’ Ivoire.

It may be recalled, Osumanie Bamba, hailing from the region of Tiebassou, lavished praises on President Alassane Ouattara for his protection and for allowing him to return back to the Ivory Coast.

Bamba’s illicit behavior and the alleged use of the name of the Liberian President to allegedly lure and crook people is the main reason why our sources are asking President Weah to widen the passport investigation and also explain his relationship with Bamba and whether he actually issued a Liberian diplomatic passport to him.

Source: SNL

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