Police investigates Buster Rameo Saydee In DV Scheme

Buster Rameo Saydee, allies “Rameo” over his alleged involvement into a criminal Diversity Visa (DV) scheme, thereby marrying two women at the same time.

The alleged perpetrator is said to be in the constant habits of tricking multiply of young women

Putting them under the pretense that he has won United States (US), Diversity Visa (DV) slot

and is in search of any financially potential woman to add to his slot as his wife. The LNP report

Further alleged that Saydee has collected monies (Heavy Sum of United States Dollars) from

Many young women, promising to marry them and take them to United States of America (USA) on his DV slot, amongst others.

Speaking to journalists recently at the Headquarter of the Liberia National Police (LNP) in Monrovia, CID Commander Alex Gaylah Neewray said the perpetrator is currently undergoing investigation for multiply of criminal offense charges. Also speaking to journalists in Monrovia, Nana Weah  (Not her real name), one of the victims of Saydee’s Criminal deals, said the perpetrator criminally took away over $ 3,000.00 USD and others items, promising to marry her and take her to the United States on a Diversity Visa (DV) he has won from the United States (US) Government global DV program.

Another victim who also alarmed to the media was Ophelia W, who alleged that Buster took away

More than $ 2,600.00 USD, with extra love relationship from her. As police investigation continues, Saydee is said to be a resident of the Carey Street Community in Central Monrovia, with a Kru ancestry hailing from Greenville, Sinoe County. Meanwhile the Liberia National Police is currently appealing to all concerned parties and the U.S Embassy in Liberia to assist them in whatsoever way to gather information, involving the current Buster Saydee case, especially the Visa Section of the U.S Embassy in Monrovia.

More investigations concerning this case continues

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