The Liberia Cosmetology Act Insight

The Liberia Cosmetology Act will professionalize cosmetology in a way that gives clients and investors their money’s worth, creates decent employment and contribute to the National Budget as been applied in other African and advanced countries.

The Liberian government needs to legislate diversified income generating policies that will mitigate the many budgetary constraints and the Liberia Cosmetology Community can contribute.

Investing in human capital starts with crafting and legislating sound economic growth driven policies and that has been our focus. As we have committed our time to ensuring our part is done meticulously, please lend us your support in bringing to fruition our dreams.

Sign this Petition to raise awareness on the Liberia Cosmetology Act, and to encourage our law makers to sign this Bill into Law for the Benefit of the Liberian People; create employment Opportunities for thousands of Liberians and also contribute to the Economy.

The Liberia Cosmetology Act will Professionalize the Cosmetology Industry and Practice in Liberia, so that investors in this industry will benefit from their investment.

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