The June 7 Nightmare: As AFL Threatens To Court Martial its Soldier For Issuing Death Threats on Social Media

Cpl. Sieh Collins is to be court martial for allegedly posting a threatening statement from his Facebook profile against individuals planning to protest on June 7, 2019 in Monrovia (A court martial is a military court or a trial conducted by the army for a violation by any of its members of the UCMJ).

The post from   Cpl. Collins Facebook account read: “I will never regret killing anybody on the street of Monrovia to keep his country safe. Remembering   our children are in school and Liberia is safe, truest me, I will kill you will happiness.”

The investigation report held Cpl. Collins liable for contravening Uniform Code of Military Justice, Article: 92 Failure to Obey Order or Regulations and General Article: 134 Threat Communication.  Therefore, he has been subjected to the Disciplinary Board of the Armed Forces of Liberia.

Credit: FPA

At the same time, the Ministry of National Defense cautioned personnel of the Armed Forces of Liberia to use social media with prudence and avoid acts that will cast aspersion on the image of the Armed Forces of Liberia, and the Ministry of National Defense.

The Ministry reiterates that the Armed Forces of Liberia will continue to exhibit good morals and professionalism in the execution of its national obligations, stressing that the AFL will not compromise acts that may undermine the image of the military as a “Force for Good.”

Meanwhile the general public will be updated on subsequent proceedings.

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