The Five Noteworthy Things Of Deputy Speaker, Jonathan Fonati Koffa You Need To Know

As Liberians crave for people of virtues, nationalistic value ahead of the October, 2023 for a better Liberia, many have freely tagged people they believed have done a lot for Liberia and its people, and must again be retained for their overwhelming contributions during the last electoral years for another term’

In so doing, the ‘Grade Card’ of one of those individuals who have symbolically made some significant some greater impacts in the lives of his kinsmen and women without precondition is no other, but the current Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Cllr. Jonathan Fonati Koffa whose grade card has depicted what many considered as a ‘Worthwhile’ initiative.

Deputy Speaker Koffa who is also Grand Kru County District #2 Representative’s, numerous humanitarian contributions to the neediest and to the society has been categorized in this column which states, “The Five Noteworthy Things Of Deputy Speaker, Jonathan Fonati Koffa You Need to Know”:

  1. His generosity to the people without border at all time has been noticed by many, even his legislative colleagues are always part of his willingness to share whenever he is blessed by God. Indeed, his generosity is always felt.
  1. His cordial relationship with the commoners, be it who you are or where you come from is always admired by many, who many see as indeed a ‘Rescue Father’ who is always ready to listen to anyone who is stranded with unforeseen problems or difficulties.
  1. Even in his own home, Grand Kru County, citizens in that part of Liberia in their respective appraisal towards the legislative performances of their direct representative at the National Legislature poured thunderous praises on the Deputy Speaker who they described as their ‘Savior’ for his countless developmental initiatives in their county including the construction of a modern radio station with the sole purpose of spreading out peace messages to the people of the county.
  1. His generosity which is being considered as a situation ‘Without border’ has won the hearts and minds of Liberians including foreign residents of Liberia described by beneficiaries as a worthwhile gesture on the part of the Deputy Speaker.
  1. The need for his reelection in the National Legislature has been repeatedly echoed by many Liberians including the country’s would be voters for the October poll, noting that his reelection must be a paramount concern for all well-meaning Liberians both back home and abroad. We appreciate this guy a lot, we will do all in our power for him to be retained.

With all of these five public expressions about the generosity of the Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, it is believed that whatever a man dose for his people be it bad or good will forever be remembered.

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