The Dominican Republic banned Haiti’s ex-leader Claude Joseph and dangerous gangs members

By Johnny Berkerbeg <>

The Dominican Republic has banned the former Prime Minister of Haiti Claude Joseph from coming to their country after they found that he has links with armed men in Haiti. There are many gunmen from different territories across Haiti that are working for him.

According to Dominican Today, President Luis Abinader ordered last night to prohibit entry into the Dominican Republic of the former interim prime minister of Haiti, Claude Joseph, and 12 Haitian gang leaders. The ex-leader has links and friendships with some of Haiti’s most dangerous gunmen.

Ex-President of Haiti Jovenel Moise was assassinated in his home, after the assassination of the Former President, ex-Prime Minister Claude Joseph wanted to self-proclaim himself as the President of Haiti. There were Colombian and Colombian media who said that former Prime Minister Claude is one of the intellectual authors of the crime.

Through communication 22018 and addressed to Venancio Alcántara Valdez, director general of Migration, it is based, in addition to the powers conferred by the Constitution, on the application of Article 15 of Law 285-04, on Migration and its implementing regulations, which allow preventing the entry into the national territory of those foreigners who have criminal records or who, in the opinion of the competent authorities, constitute some threat against national security and the interests of the Republic and at the request of the corresponding defense and security agencies.

“I, Luis Abinader, constitutional president of the Dominican Republic, by virtue of the attributions conferred to me by literal b, numeral 1, of article 128 of the Constitution of the Republic dictate the following instruction”, says the president when he requests to prevent the entry to the national territory of Claude Joseph, Jimmy Cherizier alias Barbecue; Innocent Vitel’Homme, known as Vitelom – Gang Vitelom (Torcelle); Destina Renel alias Ti Lapli – Gang Grand Ravine; Wilson Joseph known as Lanmo San Jou, of the 400 Mawozo gangs.

In addition to Claudy Celestin aka Chen Mechan- Gang Chen Mechan (Carrefour-Tabarre); Alexandre Ezechiel , aka Ze – Baz Pilat; Kempes Sanon Baz BelAir; Chery Christ-Roi aka Chris-La; Felix Monel aka Mikano – Baz Waff Jeremie; Jean Pierre Gabriel aka Ti Gabriel – Gpèp; Alexis Serge Renel aka Ti Junior and Orlichen Emile aka Pe Lebren- Baz Delmas.

Former Prime Minister Joseph has become a critic of the Dominican government and the current Haitian authorities. According to the Haitian police, the gangs are also allegedly made up of Dominicans. On June 24, the Dominican government denied these statements and admitted that it had identified the prominent leaders of the gangs operating in Haiti.

According to several credible sources, Haiti’s neighboring country Dominican Republic banned the former prime minister of Haiti, Claude Joseph, because they found good evidence that he has links with Haitian gang members.

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