RIGCAA Board Of Directors Suspend Former National President, Madam Alice Welley Mulbah

RIGCAA’s Former National President, Madam, Alice Welley Mulbah

The Board of Directors of River Gee citizens in the America’s with immediate effect have suspended Madam Alice Welley Mulbah for number of reasons, according to a dispatch from the United States, and signed several executives including the Chairman of the Board, Mr. Jerome Koon.

See full text of the Board Resolution below:


We, the undersigned and members of RIGCAA National Board of Directors has consented and agreed through a majority vote of 3-1; with one board member being absent while the other stated his unready and abstained himself from voting, the following Board’s resolutions were taken in keeping with our organic law and constitution; and shall remain binding thereto.

As a matter of tradition, transparency, and our constitutional provision regarding misappropriation and embezzlement of public funds, as well as gross-insubordination to constituted authority, the Board solicited the opinions and views of some available prominent citizens of River Gee County to include, but not limited to former National Presidents, former and current Chapter Presidents and other opinion leaders of River Gee County during our deliberations, investigation, review, hearing and findings for several months through National Teleconferences and one-on-one consultations; relative to the funds of $1,500.00, donated by Dr. Harry T. Conway, Jr.

RIGCAA National Board of Directors was hereby able to establish the following findings:

  1. That Dr. Harry T. Conway, Jr donated the amount of $1,500.00 to RIGCAA through the former National President Madam, Alice Welley Mulbah.
  2. That Mrs. Mulbah took receipt of the money without informing the National Leadership.
  3. That the money the donated by Dr. Conway Jr of $1,500.00; and received by the former National President of RIGCAA Madam, Alice Welley Mulbah, was brought to light as a matter concern by River Gee County Citizens during a national teleconference.
  4. When the former National President Madam, Alice Welley Mulbah was contacted during the National Board of Directors enquiry into the matter, Madam Mulbah denied receiving money from Dr. Harry Conway jr. in the name of RIGCAA.
  5. Further investigations into the matter proved that RIGCAA former National President Madam, Alice Welley Mulbah lied to the people of River Gee County, especially RIGCAA National Board oof Directors, in response to her opened letter of communication referencing the investigative matter. She stated that the money of $1,500.00 she received from Dr. Harry Conway Jr was personally given to her with no reference to RIGCAA.
  6. Contrary to Madam Mulbah’s claimed or assertion, Dr. Harry Conway Jr informed the RIGCAA’s Board Chairman, Hon. Jerome Koon that the money was not personally given to former National President Madam, Alice Welley Mulbah without a reference to RIGCAA, but to RIGCAA through her.
  7. RIGCAA’s National Board of Directors was able to fully establish that the former National President Madam, Mulbah expanded the $1,500.00 at will without RIGCAA’s national leadership’s will and consent. Upon request, she also failure to give a full accountability of the referenced amount expenditure to the RIGCAA National Board of Directors.
  1. Whereas, the former National President refused to honor the National Board of Directors’ letter of invitation to inquire or investigate into said matter as an opportunity to appear on a special teleconference, she rather chose to write an opened letter to the National Board in which she referenced the RIGCAA’s National Board as a “gentlemen club” with the insinuation of a “Public Ridicule and insult.”

As the result of asserting all efforts and in keeping with our very transparent hearings, inquiries and investigations, the RIGCAA’s National Board of Directors was left with no alternative, but to convene a national board meeting passing a legal binding solution of a suspension of former National President, Alice Welley Mulbah’s RIGCAA MEMBERSHIP for the minimal of 2 years with a maximum of 5 years thereto.

The National Board of Directors agreed in its binding solutions against former National President, Madam, Alice Welley Mulbah that this suspension shall prohibit her from doing all business with and on behalf of River Gee County Association in the Americas (RIGCAA), as well as in the Republic of Liberia. She is not allowed to attend any RIGCAA’s functions or meetings whatsoever whether it be on the national or local level. She is also prohibited from attending all conventions, programs and activities of RIGCAA and her auxiliaries. While she is duly serving her suspension, Madam, Alice Welley Mulbah shall remain excommunicated until fully completing her suspension which has a minimal of 2 year to 5 years maximum term.

It is hereby ordered that the former National President Madam, Alice Welley Mulbah served a notarized certified of the RIGCAA National Board of Directors’ legal binding decision through the following means:

  1. United States Postal Services,
  2. Her personal email and,
  3. through the publication of Social Media.

It is also ordered that the National Leadership inform all River Gee County’s officials to include, but not limited the Senators and Representatives be duly informed about the RIGCAA National Board of Directors’ binding solutions/decisions against the former National President Madam, Alice Wellley Mulbah.

And last, but not the least, it is also hereby ordered that the decision of the National Board of Directors again the former National President, Alice Welley Mulbah be released to the public for publications to all print, broadcast and electronic media in the Americas, Europe, Liberia and the world at large.

Given under our signatures this 18th day of April, 2021.

Respectfully Submitted:

Board Members:

  1. Jerome Koon/Chairman
  2. Leroy Freemen Co/Chairman
  3. Roosevelt Swen / Secretary
  4. Albert Pah/Member.
  5. Sylvanus Tappayson/Member.
  6. Elphinstone Birch/Member
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