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The Beauty Of Stupidity Then Democracy!!!

By. Joe Noutoua Wandah

Liberians, we as a Nation created what’s known as “CODE OF CONDUCT”  to guide our governance system in which my understanding is that prior to all electoral period such as what we ended on November 14th 2023 the Ministry of Justice must provide to the Election Commission listings of all convicted persons in order for the Commission to do their due diligent in making sure convicts don’t take part in these processes in avoiding what are now on the lips of Liberians calling names of elected officials to not take their seats or vie for key positions at the Legislative branch of our governance system!

Do, this speak to people who believed in the workings of democracy ? Liberians, are their own problems despite their so-called intellectualism that are all centered around their belly’s!

Speaking from my journalistic reservoir of researches …… “In the word of Cllr. Arthur Johnson the community dweller’s are the ones who set free those suspect’s involved in the hundred millions dollars drugs case because the daughter’s and son’s of Liberia served as jurors in their verdict that the Judge only interpret same in the  biggest drug’s case ever  in the Republic of Liberia”! These alleged convicts that some Liberians are speaking against now were voted by we the electorates because of what they offered us financially!

Then, some of us now see this as invading our governance system and shouting for the right things to be done after allowing them to go through our democratic processes? Let bow our heads in shame and live with what we stood in the hot sun for hours !!

That’s the beauty of stupidity then democracy as practiced in Liberia always in every given electoral processes! Mother’s, sister’s, brother’s and father’s allow themselves to be trucks to far distance places just for few dollars in voting in those alleged convicts calling them the good ones that will give those communities developments because of those visible ill gotten wealth to their own detriment!

Liberians from all walks of life voted for candidate’s for personal reasons and not for the betterment of reawakening those dogma anti grafts systems that will guide the Nation from crumbling as has and is the case in today’s Liberia! Professional sold their integrities for positions and cash only to survive no matter the danger that awaits the Nation!

Why, now many of you my compatriots are yielding calling for war and economic crime courts when you been eating the fat of the Nation with those you now accusing of war and economic  crimes criminals? Those of you, who think that you are the cleanest in this dispensation in term of our governance system has just forgotten that just few years ago you too couldn’t afford to rent a mud hut!

But, today you guys are  dancing in ill-gotten wealth that can’t be accounted to the salaries you take in these six year’s to the extend you have been refusing to ahead to the directive by law from the Liberia Anti Corruption Commission LACC to just declare your asserts when you enter and now about to leave government!

What can be more unique for Africa’s oldest Republic Liberia when good governance is never allow to take center space? What a shame, for a Nation which keep saying founded upon Christian principles but uprightly refused to indoctrinate herself to those attributes  that conform to modern democracy’s which is the hallmark of every civilized Nations? I rest my case for now!!!!.

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