Team Peter Coleman warns against continuous pre-victory jubilation in Grand Kru, says it undermines the electoral process and peace

From Eldred Thomas | GNN Reporter | Grand Kru County |

Mr. Furcus Wilson

The streets of Barclayville city in Grand Kru County continued to witness rounds of pre-victory marches and jubilations by supporters of some senatorial candidates in the just held Special Election in the absence of official and final results in the country.

Supporters from different political camps have taken to the streets chanting early victory slogans riding on excessively speeding motorbikes posting danger to themselves and others.

According to our reporter in Grand Kru County, supporters have been spending most of their time at the National Election Commission office awaiting results even though they have declared their respective political interest winners.

Pre-victory in Grand Kru County

Supporters loyal to three of the Senatorial candidates Numene Bartekwa, district number one Nathaniel Zoe Barway and Alfred Toe Segbe have all so far claimed victory with preliminary results just coming from the National Election Commission and its local office in the county.

Our reporter is quoted as saying heavy security presence is seen at the Election Commission local office with frequent patrols in Barclayville city, while political party’s observers and poll watchers remain posted eagerly awaiting the results of the election.

The situation has prompted a word of caution from those loyal to incumbent Grand Kru Senator Peter Coleman against early victory celebrations in such form and manner while ballot counting and preliminary results continue to emerge from across the county and Liberia.

In an interview with GNN Liberia, Furcus Wilson, a supporter of the ruling CDC’s incumbent Senator Coleman warned that act has the tendency to undermine the ongoing ballot counting process and the peace all continue to embrace during these crucial elections.

All I can tell you is that our candidate remains in a commending and comfortable position as per updates from its team of observers deployed across Grand Kru, Mr. Wilson pointed out”.

He frowned on said such move ahead of the preliminary and final results from the National Election Commission, while calling on those supporters of other senatorial candidates involved to desist.

The CDC supporter intimated that such jubilation and creation of fasle impression about outcome of the December 8 2020 Special Election undermines the true tenants of democracy and respect for the election laws of the country.

“The CDC team, our team is not in the business of making self-declaration of winner, but following and taking records of the preliminary results coming in from those in charge of announcing final results, he explained”.

Mr. Wilson said the CDC camp is deterred nor distracted with failed political tactics implored in some quarters by supporters of other candidates in the Grand Kru senatorial race.

He maintained that the electoral commission is the only body clothed with the constitutional responsibility to announce results and winners of elections in the country.

Furcus Wilson at the same time expressed conviction that the current position of the Senator Coleman demonstrates that people of Grand Kru have responded politically to the mandate of President George Weah.

Mr. Wilson who is also a staff in the office of Senate Protempore Albert Chie how and how could supporters of other candidate declare winners when the results from most parts of the county are still coming in, adding that Grand Kru county is not even mentioned in the first preliminary results from the National Election Commission.

He frowned on some political supporters who attempted to cause trouble at the NEC office demanding Development Superintendent to vacate the premises on grounds that he had gone to manipulate election results in favor of Senator Peter Coleman, a claimed he vehemently refuted, noting county officials and its political will do absolutely nothing to undermine the electoral process.

Also speaking on the reported pre-election victories, was the Administrator of the St. Peter. Fth. Prince Sieh who called those involved in such undemocratic act to desist.

Fth. Sieh cautioned all parties to the just ended electoral process to full respect the election laws of the country by responsibly speaking to their anticipated political expectation of these election results.

The Catholic clergyman reminded Liberians that the country has come a long way, and as such absolutely no politician and their supporters must do anything to undermine the peace and stability.

Fth. Sieh further noted that senatorial candidates are still under obligation to guide their supporters while ballots counting are ongoing by authorities of the National Election Commission under the watch of the joint security, poll watchers, and the media.

Some locals mainly elderly people have expressed panic over the manner in most parties in the just ended electoral process are claiming victory when the National Election Commission is still compiling and releasing preliminary results.

The Grand Kru citizens told GNN Liberia that the situation of self-declaration of winners in the absence was something the security of the county must pay serious attention to as it could disrupt the peace if a candidate of there is does emerge victorious.

The National Election Commission Chairperson Davidetta Brown Lassanah at its Thursday press briefing where first provisional results were announced warned strongly against early victory marches and celebrations of supporters loyal to political parties and candidates.

Incumbent Senator Peter Coleman the current Senate Chairman on Health is the CDC candidate and is among eight candidates who contested for the senatorial seat for Grand Kru County.

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