“Taylor Name Stigmatize Me” …Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor Cries Out

Liberian Vice President, Jewel Howard Taylor

Jewel Howard-Taylor, ex-wife of former Liberian President Charles Taylor now jailed for 50 years in UK for crimes against humanity now Vice President of the Republic of Liberia has publicly admitted that her link with the former Liberian leader has made her to suffer rejections and pains.

Addressing graduates of the Adventist University of West Africa during the University 4th graduation exercises on Wednesday, VP Taylor told the graduates that she was rejected by society and denied several job opportunities in spite of her credentials possibly only because of her former husband’s name “Charles Taylor”.

Prior to his election in 1997, Charles Taylor was a leader of the then armed insurgent group, the National Patriotic Front of Liberia (NPFL) that launched the boldly Liberian civil war that began in December 1989 that took the lives of over 250,000 persons.

Speaking further, the Liberian Vice President told the graduates, “I was denied jobs, even though I was educated, but I was never stopped learning and praying to God with the hope that my story wil one day change,” the former first Lady and Senator of Bong County went on to state that her dream came to pass through the people of Bong County for nine years.

She said her story is successful because she never give up despite the multiple trials and tribulations she encountered over the years, adding, “Don’t give even when the walls of Jericho are built in front of you,” she told the graduates.

“If God does not put challenges in your way to be used as a stepping stone, you wouldn’t realize what God has done for you,” the Liberian Vice President said.

Source: The Insight

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