Taliban appoints head of central bank, minister of education

By Najibullah Lalzoy

It has been ten days since the Afghanistan Islamic Emirate AIE has taken control over Kabul, the political vacuum is not yet filled but a number of the Taliban members have been appointed to different positions.

In the latest move, the Taliban appointed Mullah Abdulqahar known as Haji Muhammad Edris as acting head of central bank-De Afghanistan Bank- and Hemat Akhundzada as acting minister of education on Monday, August 23.

Abdulqahar had held an introductory meeting with the staff of De Afghanistan Bank and assured them to be asked to return to work gradually.

The move comes at a time as the banks are still closed over Afghanistan and people have been suffering major problems.

In a similar meeting, the acting minister of education said that the Taliban are committed to girls’ education but reiterated to be under the limitations of Sharia law.

Prior to that, the AIE had appointed acting minister of public work, acting chairman of Afghanistan Cricket Board, acting mayor of Kabul, and acting minister of water and power along with acting chief of security of the Afghan capital.

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