Sweden’s centre-left PM Andersson concedes defeat in elections

Source: Al Jazeera News

Magdalena Andersson announced that she would resign after a close-fought election saw right-wing bloc winning a wafer-thin parliamentary majority.

Sweden’s Prime Minister Andersson said that the ‘the preliminary result is clear enough to draw a conclusion’ that her centre-left bloc had lost power. [File: Marko Saavala/ TT News Agency/ AFP]
Swedish centre-left Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson has accepted defeat after the four-party right-wing opposition bloc got better of her Social Democrats, which has been in power since 2014.

Andersson, who became Sweden’s first female prime minister last year, announced on Wednesday that she would resign after an unprecedented right-wing and far-right bloc appeared on course to win the general election.

The Moderates, Sweden Democrats, Christian Democrats and Liberals are looked set to win 176 seats in the 349-seat parliament to the centre-left’s 173 seats, according to the latest figures from the election authority.

During a news conference, Andersson said that although the last votes were still being counted, it was clear the right would win a majority of seats “so tomorrow I will hand in my resignation as prime minister”.

“In parliament, they have a one or two seat advantage,” Andersson told a news conference. “It’s a thin majority, but it is a majority.”

Ulf Kristersson, leader of the Moderate Party, is the right’s candidate to be prime minister.

“I will now start the work of forming a new government that can get things done, a government for all of Sweden and all citizens,” Kristersson told reporters.

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