SUP Launches ‘Anti-Weah’ Campaign; Cites Bad Governance In Current Liberian Administration

Barely three weeks after the lifting of political activities on the campuses of the  state run University, the University of Liberia, the Vanguard Student Unification Party of the University of Liberia (SUP), has launched what they called, the ‘WEAH STEP DOWN CAMPAIGN’ in Monrovia.

At a news conference on the main campus of the Univeristy of Liberia on Monday, SUP, through its Chairman Carlos Edison, cited bad governance, increasing hardship, and disrespect for the rule of law as reasons for the campaign.

Edison said, the Student Political has reached a decision to rally citizens for President Weah’s resignation for 60 genuine reasons or face impeachment.

“The nation has bled under former soccer star turned President, George Manneh Weah in a relatively short period, and Weah-led government has proven to be inept and unfit to unleash any real change across Liberia. The only change Liberian can boast about is shared thievery and mass plunder of state coffers by this new ruling clique of economic pallagers,” Chairman Edison read in a statement.

The Student group called on all Liberians to join the campaign, stating that it is intended to save Liberia from ‘national catastrophe and nightmare.’

There have been no official word from the Liberian Government on SUP’s call, however, officials and supporters of the government have termed the oldest Student Political Group as a surrogate of the opposition.

“That whole statement is ladened with sentiments from the opposition. How can you even take it serious?” an official of government and CDCian told The Liberian Billboard.

Meanwhile, other members of the Liberian public have identified SUP’s statement as troubling for the government. They asserted that SUP has been a major player in Liberian politics for several years and most of Liberian prominent politicians were all made by the party.

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