SUP Demands Dismissal Of Samuel Tweah, Others, Presents 20-Point To Gov’t

Liberia’s Finance Minister, Samuel D. Tweah

The University of Liberia campus-based students’ political party, the Student Unification Party (SUP) has petitioned the Government of Liberia to dismiss the minister of Finance, Samuel D. Tweah for corruption.

In a 20-points petition presented to the government, SUP demanded that Pres. Weah must immediately dismiss Finance Minister Samuel D. Tweah for his inability to account for over US$ 24.8 Millions of the National Road Fund as clearly outlined in the General Auditing Commission (GAC) 2021 report.

The students’ political party also amongst other things demanded that Pres. Weah immediately dismisses all those recently sanctioned by the US government for gross human rights violations and corruption and mandates the Ministry of Justice to prosecute them in line with the laws of Liberia. See the full petition below.


We the Liberian people, through the indomitable Vanguard Student Unification Party (SUP), bring you warm revolutionary greetings from the 31st Central Committee and Politburo of the SUP.

We the people of Liberia assemble on this ground today to petition your leadership- the government of Liberia on a series of issues confronting us and the Liberian state, especially the political and socio-economic problems which have significantly deteriorated the learning environment in our country and have further created harsh living conditions for our people. We want to categorically express our displeasure with the current state of affairs of our country which is being expressed in bad governance, corruption, sexual and gender-based violence against young women and girls, economic challenges, and injustices. These harsh conditions are being reflected in our daily lives as many of us go to bed hungry while many more continue to languish in poverty, unemployment, and destitution thus leaving us in perpetual hopelessness. Amidst these difficult conditions, we’ve come here today in fundamental fulfillment of our constitutional rights to peaceably assemble and to freely express ourselves as guaranteed in the constitution of the Republic of Liberia.


Therefore, we the people under the banner FIXTHECOUNTRY implore you to act timely in solving these problems as a means to strengthen the country so that it works for all citizenry and creates create prosperity and dignity for all.

It’s against this backdrop, that we, the people of Liberia under the able leadership of the Vanguard Student Unification Party-SUP demand your government to act in the following directions to avert the challenges of the Liberian people and to transform the lives of the Liberian people

Therefore; herein demand the following:

  1. That Pres. Weah immediately dismissed all those recently sanctioned by the US government for gross human rights violations and corruption and mandates the Ministry of Justice to prosecute them in line with the laws of Liberia
  2. That Pres. Weah immediately Dismiss/Suspend all those indicted in the LACC June 2022 report on corruption and act to prosecute all those indicted criminals
  3. That Pres. Weah take immediate actions to establish the long-delayed War and Economic Crimes Court to give Justice to all the victims of the civil crisis
  4. That the government immediately abort the ongoing plan to dissolve the Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission (LACC) through its recent LACC bail before the Liberian Senate and act immediately to safeguard the country’s fight against bad governance
  5. That the government immediately publish all its financial records from 2018 to current and also include all domestic and international debts
  6. That Pres. Weah immediately dismiss Finance Minister Samuel D. Tweah for his inability to account for over US$ 24.8 Millions of the National Road Fund as clearly outlined in the General Auditing Commission (GAC) 2021 report
  7. That the government implores policy to improve the harsh economic situations in the country through the availability of microloans for small and medium businesses, the reduction of prices of basic goods( rice, oil, charcoal, vita cube, gasoline, medicines, et al) and services (transportation fair, car insurance, and registration price, health services, private tuition fees) on the Liberian market
  8. hat the government act now to increase the accessibility and affordability of quality education through the declaration of Free and Compulsory Primary education for all Liberian kids both at private and public schools; the immediate renovation of government schools to include G. W Gibson, Tubman High, D. The High School, University of Liberia et al and that the government make available immediate buses for students in Liberia particularly Students who school at the University of Liberia Fendell Campus
  9. That the government act now to improve and tackle the security issue in the country which particularly boarders on the mysterious deaths and extrajudicial killings of Liberians which continues to create panic in the public; that the Government set up a special investigative panel of forensic detectives to investigate the continuous disappearance of Liberians who are often found dead
  10. That the government act now to improve the deplorable health sector of our country through the immediate renovation and equipment of government-run facilities, the procurement of vital drugs and diagnostic equipment for government facilities, and the ensuring of free health care services for all Liberians at government-run health facilities
  11. That the government act now to double its efforts to deal with the soaring wave of sexual and gender-based violence cases in the country through the immediate formulation of a special investigative and prosecutorial panel to fast track the investigation and prosecution of perpetrators of SGVB and to ensure the protection and safety of rape victims
  12. That government act now to improve the wave of unemployment in the country through a national internship program for Universities students in the country as well as vocational education students
  13. That the government act now to ensure the conduct of the long-delayed National Population and Housing census
  14. That the government immediately conduct a comprehensive credentials audit to weed out people or persons with fake and bogus credentials in public service
  15. That the government act now to equip the laboratories at the Fendell Campus of the University of Liberia, particularly the Biology Lab, Physics Lab, and Chemistry Lab
  16. That the government refrain from sacking trained elections magistrates as being discussed in the proposed amendment of the National Elections Law
  17. That the government immediately removed the 30K which has been criminally placed in the National Budget for the so-called constituency visit of Legislators
  18. That the government act not to advance reform of Judiciary
  19. That the government should take action now to ensure the reduction and stabilization of tuition and school fees at both Private and Faith-based institutions in Liberia
  20. The government acts now to ensure the consistent and reliable availability of basic public services such as transportation, electricity, water, and a decent sewage system

To the government of Liberia headed by President George Weah, we the Liberian people under the leadership of the Vanguard Student Unification Party submit this petition with a resolved demand for effective and immediate redress. We must also state that we’re growing impatient and hope the state will act now to listen to our counts and issues. We want to assure the government and people of Liberia that we will engage the government consistently until it listens to our issues and provide redress for all our concerns

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