Sudan crisis: at least nine dead as security forces ‘storm protest camp’ in Khartoum

Military forces tried to disperse the sit-in outside Khartoum’s army headquarters ( AFP/Getty Images )

At least nine people are reported dead in Sudan after activists accused security forces of storming a protest camp in Khartoum.

Footage broadcast by Al Hadath and Al Jazeera television showed chaotic scenes of people fleeing through streets as sustained bursts of gunfire crackled in the air. People rushed to carry away those who had been hit, the footage showed.

The main protest group accused the ruling military council of trying to break up the camp, calling the action “a massacre”. The council said the security forces had targeted “unruly” groups in an adjacent area.

Medics said nine people were killed in Monday’s violence and that the number of casualties were still rising.

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