Stranded Liberians Urge Home Gov’t For Their Return To Celebrate Independence Day

Liberian leader, George M. Weah

Dozens of Liberians who left their home Country Liberia to seek greener pasture in Europe and the Americas and currently stranded in Niger are calling on the Liberian Government through the International Migration Organization (IMO) for their repatriation in order to save their lives after many of them have died from starvation and other unwanted illnesses.

A spokesman for the over 164 Liberians including 40 women speaking Joy FM Liberia via internet described their present condition in Niger which is bordered by Libya to the northeast, Chad to the east, Nigeria and Benin to the south, Burkina Faso and Mali to the west, and Algeria is unbearable, and further made many of them to die on their journey to seek greener pasture, and further disclosed that their return to Liberia will afford to celebrate this year’s Independence on July 26, 2018

One of the ladies who spoke to the station (Joy FM Liberia) also said her four years old son on their journey died as a result of inadequate feeding, while her husband who was also on the journey has missing in the dessert, “we are calling on the Liberian Government for our repatriation back home. The IMO is asking that our Government get involve in the process,” one of the women who is among the victims told Joy FM.

Speaking further the spokesman of the group also disclosed that IMO is currently providing feeding to the victims, but noted that this is not enough, stressing, “All we need is our repatriation to our home Country, Liberia. We have lost dozens of our fellow compatriots in the dessert of Chad and Mali,” he explained to Joy FM Liberia.

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