“State Department Gives Liberia Rogue State Treatment” – Says U.S. Based News Website, But Gov’t Reacts

Liberian Leader, President George Weah and delegation at 77th United National General Assembly – Photo: Social Media Credit

Confirming GNN-Liberia report this week that the Liberian delegation to the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) in New York headed by President George M. Weah were humiliated at the John F. Kennedy International Airport for hours, a U.S. based website 1945 in one of its reports said says ‘State Department Gives Liberia Rogue State Treatment’.

The article written by Michael Rubin said, “When Liberian President George Weah arrived in New York this past week, he may have expected to be met with the same pomp as every other head of state arriving to attend the United Nations General Assembly, instead, he and his delegation found themselves detained at the John F. Kennedy Airport for hours while immigration and customs enforcement officials treated them as ordinary travelers rather than VIPs.

The U.S. based website also continued, “It was purposeful slight; U.S. frustration with Weah has grown steadily. The United States feels a special kinship with Liberia, a nation founded by free American slaves 200 years ago. While Liberia weathered two civic, wars between 1989 and 2003, successive U.S. administrations worked to help Liberians regroup and recover”, website added. Click to read the entire report.

Last week your informative online platform, www.gnnliberia.com reported that the Liberian delegation were confined at the JFK International Airport for hours without providing VIP protection to the Liberian leader and his delegation, many, especially ‘Diehard’ Cedecians of the governing Coalition for Democratic Change, said such report was fake, but this has proving to be the facts as same story has been report in a U.S. based news outlet, the 1945.

According to GNN-Liberia source in New York, the Liberian leader and delegation were given what they described as a ‘Restriction Visa’, especially for the Liberian leader, President George Weah and his Foreign Minister, Dee Maxwell Kemayah.

But the Liberian Government through the Commissioner of the Liberia Maritime Authority, Lenn Eugene
Nagbe speaking to FPA said “It is totally preposterous and unfounded. It shows the extent and desperation that these hired guns, mercenaries of the pen that have been rented by Mr. Cummings will go. President Weah and the designated seven members of his entourage were escorted by at least six Secret Service agents to his convoy and driven away by police pilot. The President is being given all due courtesies with around-the-clock security protection. What’s the issue?”

Commissioner Nagbe said just last week, US President Joe Biden wrote another letter to President Weah regarding his attendance at the US-Africa Summit scheduled for December 13-15 in Washington DC. Just last week. “Do you invite a restricted person to your house?” the commissioner asked.

Commissioner Nagbe said both he and Gender Minister Piso Saydee Tarr completed a working session at the State Department to discuss preparatory issues for the Democracy Summit scheduled for early next year where the President is among just 18 African Presidents and other World leaders that have been invited. “Our relationship with the United States is strong.”

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