Stanton Witherspoon Declines Comment On U.S. Fraud Indictment Based on Lawyers Advice

U.S. Secretary of the Department of Justice Merrick Garland

Willingboro, NJ USA: – In the ongoing saga of the busted nursing school fraud scheme involving a Liberian national and 25 others accused by the U.S. Department of Justice of allegedly selling diplomas and transcripts, a television station went to the home of Mr. Stanton Witherspoon on Thursday in Burlington, New Jersey to try to speak to him about the case.

Copy of one of the fake nursing diplomas

They, however, encountered, a person outside who indicated that he was home but could not come outside. Later, Mr. Witherspoon telephoned the television station to say that he would need to speak to legal counsels before issuing any statement.

Following news of his indictment which flooded various Liberia social media groups early on Thursday, Witherspoon issued a statement under his social media account seen by African Star in which said, “…While I am aware of  your desire to get even more details of these charges, I can only appeal to you all to let the investigation and legal process play out While the temptation pushes  me to address this matter in far more detail, I have to abide by my legal team’s instructions…”

Witherspoon expressed the hope that the “full facts will provide the necessary clarity on the matter,” and asked for “prayers and encouragement” from his followers.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Spoon Group of Companies, who hosts a social media talk show, is facing very serious charges in the U.S. over allegations which legal experts described as one of the biggest “modern day diploma mill” scheme in the healthcare sector.

Legal experts told African Star that the indictment of allegations was quite substantial.

The U.S. Attorney’s office says so far it has not learned of or uncovered any incidents where patients were harmed by the care provided by some of those who fraudulently obtained nursing diplomas.

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