“St. John Bridge verge collapse” – Says Kokoyah Statutory District Superintendent Yallah

Reported by Emmanuel Mafelah| GNN Correspondent In Central Liberia|

Flashback: Of some damage bridges

Report reaching the INSIGHT from Kokoyah District says, the bridge linking Bong and Grand Bassa Counties is at the verge collapse condition in the country.

Bong County Kokoyah Statutory District Superintendent Conteh Yallah told this Paper in Gbarnga, Bong County that the St John Bridge is currently leaning one side and it could completely fall at any time if nothing is done by national government.

He added that few years back at least four passengers lost their lives in that region, as the result of the deplorable bridge.

The Kokoryah District Superintendent Conteh Yallah described the bridge condition between Bong and Grand Bassa Counties as a complete death trap for citizens of Bong and Grand Bassa Counties.

He said those traveling that route have to disembark from their vehicles and allow them cross before sitting in them again to continue their journey due to fear of the bridge sinking with them.

According to the Kokoyah Statutory Superintendent Yallah has called on members of the Legislative Caucuses of Bong and Grand Bassa Counties as well as the national government through the Ministry of Public Works to quickly intervene in the situation before it goes out of hand.

The St. John Bridge which links Kokoyah District in Bong County with Compound Three in Grand Bassa is a major traveling route as citizens and residents of the two areas usually exchange goods and services.

If the bridge is completely cut off, it will obstruct the movement of goods and services as well the work of companies usually using that direction to transport their raw materials to the port of Buchanan.

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