Speaker Chambers Preaches Economic Doctrine, AS Several Civil and Political Organizations Celebrate His Official Visit to the United States

Several civil and political organizations in Monrovia on Tuesday hosted a political rally in support of the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Dr. Bhofal Chambers, following his official visit to the Congress of the United States Government and his safe return home.

The Banquet Hall in the Capitol Building accommodated hundreds of Liberians representing more than twelve local organizations which assembled and made several statements of support to Speaker Chambers’ legislative agenda and statesmanship.

In his response during the rally, the Speaker called on Liberians to put aside their political differences and embark on ventures that will improve the lives of ordinary Liberians. Speaker Chambers averred that it’s about time to diversify the Liberian economy by tapping on other potential economic sectors of the country.

Juxtaposing Liberia’s economic challenges which are countenanced on the decline of the existing economic dependent sectors to the future, Speaker Chambers says there are other natural resource sectors in the Liberian economy which full potentials have not been tested due to weak laws governing them. The Speaker further asserts that several countries, as parts of the global village concept, are benefitting immensely from their forests, fisheries, mining and other natural resource endowments they are blessed with.

The Maryland County Lawmaker divulged that the Liberian national budget can reach a magnificent milestone, in terms of dollars, and could significantly make a positive impact on the Liberian economy. Speaker Chambers intoned that it is about time that Liberia writes and rewrites good laws and adapts those positive examples from countries in the world that are making exploits from their forests, fisheries, mining and other positive economic trigger sectors.

Speaker Chambers named those countries making such exploits, as Botswana, which benefits more than 40% of her national budget from mining, Norway, that also benefits more than ten billion dollars from her fisheries sector and Germany, which benefits more than eleven billion dollars per annual from her forest sector.

Amongst those organizations in assembly at the Capitol were the Veteran Bureau of Doe Community, the Movement for the Protection of Amb. Weah’s Legacy (MOPAWEL), The Maryland County Patriotic Students Movement, the Citizens Action Committee, and the Conscious University Students Movement.

Three civil rights advocates, namely, Mr. Brutus Clutieh of MOPAWEL, Mr. Emmanuel Gonotie of the Veteran Bureau of Doe Community, and Mr. Stephen Russell of the Maryland County Patriotic Student Movement, presented their respective statements of support and elucidated their cautions to Speaker Chambers to always act legislatively in ways and manners that will meet the best interest of the Liberian people.

Also in attendance at the Capitol Building were several other Lawmakers/Representatives who showed up to grace the occasion. To be specific, they were Hon. Matthew Zarzar of Sinoe County District #3, Hon. Dr. Isaac Roland of District #3 of Maryland County, Hon. Col. Jimmy Smith of District #2 of Montserrado County, Hon. Rev. Samuel Enders of District #6, Montserrado County and Hon. Hanson Kiazolu of District #17, Montserrado County.

By: George D. Watkins, Political Affairs & Communication Unit.

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