South African Pastor Found Guilty Of R#ping 22-year-old Man

Pastor Luthando Matodlana of God is Love Ministry in Motherwell, Gqeberha, South Africa has been found guilty of sexually abusing a man.

Matodlana was found guilty of raping a 22-year-old male in the Motherwell regional court by magistrate Aubrey Mashigo, in 2013

Matodlana was taken into custody on Friday, May 20, after his conviction, but he will be sentenced on Monday, May 23.

In her ruling, Mashigo said that the National Prosecuting Authority’s team had shown beyond a reasonable doubt that the former resident pastor of Mpuma Kapa TV was guilty.

Matodlana’s victim, who was 22 at the time of the crime, told the court in January 2013 that immediately after meeting the pastor, they discussed Mxit.

He said that the pastor invited him to his house in Motherwell between February and March. Matodlana welcomed him to his bedroom after a short time of conversation in the living room.

Once inside the bedroom, both guys sat on the bed and exchanged a few words before Matodlana tried to kiss him.

The victim said that Matodlana ordered him to disrobe, and the pastor was incensed by the victim’s refusal. He said that he was terrified by Matodlana, who had him undress, dragged him into the bed, forced him to lay on his back, and then r*ped him.

Throughout the trial, Matodlana denied he had raped the guy.

During his trial, Matodlana claimed that his victim was a homosexual s3x worker who sought to extort money from him.

Mashigo, however, dismissed the pastor’s accusations against his victim, stating that they were baseless and could not be accepted.

The victim of the pastor’s sexual assault shared the facts of his attack on Facebook.

Not long after sharing the post, Matodlana threatened to file defamation and extortion accusations with the police, claiming that his accuser had defamed him and demanded he pay him to be silent about the incident.

The guy claims that a police officer requested him to come to the police station to make a r*pe report a few days after he posted about his incident online.

A subsequent discussion between the man, the police, and Matodlana resulted in the accuser of the pastor agreeing to delete the post.

On June 23, 2020, the victim of the pastor filed a r*pe complaint against Matodlana after being persuaded to do so by concerned friends.

On 1 October 2020, Matodlana was arrested and freed on bail the same day. On October 29, he was finally charged in court, where he plead not guilty.

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