Some Liberians Call CDC Senatorial Candidate, Rep. Thomas Fallah ‘ATM Machine’, Man Who Vomits Money

As the December 8 midterm senatorial election draws closer and electorates including the very first time voters wait to vote the person of their choice, candidates are doing all in their respective powers to be elected by the people, while others are reportedly spending huge cash wastefully just to win the hearts of the people.

Already, expected voters have resolved to pacify their preferred candidate who they are now calling ‘ATM’ who they described as the man who usually barf out with huge cash to his supporters just to hugely entice them for him to be voted.

“My candidate, Representative Thomas Fallah of Montserrado County District # 5 is our ‘ATM’ Machine he releases money anytime and anywhere when requested; this guy vomit money at all times,” he is my preferred choice, Geraldine A. Smith, a resident of central Monrovia speaking to the GNN said.

“My man, this guy is loaded with solid cash, I mean real cash all in Five Hundreds Liberian Dollars new banknotes dishing out to his supporters is very overwhelming,” Abraham Q. Harmon bragged during a chat with him, wondering as to the source of such huge money been given out to the people.

Some political analysts who spoke to the GNN said the wastefulness the Montserrado County District # 5 Representative, Thomas Fallah, affectionately call ‘T5’ who report say is dishing out cash in the Five Hundred Liberian Dollars banknotes (Brand New) must be investigated amid the arrival of Four Billion Liberian Dollars banknotes that cannot be seen in the public.

“The situation is worrisome, and has the propensity to increase hardship amongst Liberia, and will also cripple the already ailing Liberian economy, on the Liberia,” he noted.

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