Some Independent Media Gurus Have Reportedly Form Part Of President Weah’s Nationwide Tour, Will Their ‘Coverage’ Be Objective?

GNN Liberia has independently gathered that some ‘Independent’ media gurus have reportedly formed part of President George Manneh Weah’s nationwide tour, a situation that baffled many Liberians, especially civil society groups who are questioning the independence of these media gurus who have over the years declared themselves as independent media gurus.

According to our investigation, nearly all of those who claimed to be critical, independent and objective journalists are currently in the convoy of the Liberian leader as he move around the country to inspect and dedicate projects completed by local government officials during the tour of the Liberian presidency.

“Most of the independent publishers we know to be critical and independent, and are also considered to checkmate the performances of this government have reportedly join the convoy of the President on his nationwide tour; will they be independent in their reportage?” one of those who spoke to the GNN questioned.

“It is not wrong for the independent media to form part of the President’s nationwide tour, but my concern is why most the publishers who we consider as the most independent voice, and should be checkmating the government have adorned to join the praise singers, why couldn’t they send their reporters to cover the President’s tour? It is laughable to hear that some big names of the media have formed part of this tour,” another Liberian political analyst who spoke to the GNN this morning shared his view.

“Recently, some media practitioners who considered themselves as independent journalists took issue with the leadership of the Press Union of Liberia (PUL), for accepting an invitation to hold discussion with the Liberian leader at his Jamaica Resorts on the Monrovia/RIA highway, noting that it was wrong for such to have taken place between the President and officials of the Press Union of Liberia and some other media executives.

Now those who were condemning the invite by the President to the Liberia media community have falling by the wayside, by joined the President’s convoy on his nationwide tour.

Please don’t throw stone when you at in the glass house, or you will fall victim at the end of the day.

Joel Cholo Brooks writes

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