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Flashback: AFL Soldiers on training ground

Some soldiers of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) have alleged that their lives are under serious threats, terming the situation as security risks to the government being allegedly targeted by the Secret Sabu Unit and Zebra Unit which is being controlled by the Monrovia City Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee.

According to the weekly Nations Times newspaper, the Secret Sabu Unit and Zebra Unit is the security unit of the Congress for Democratic Change before forming collaboration with two other parties the NPP and the LPDP thus giving birth to the Coalition for Democratic Change. Mayor Jefferson T. Koijee was and is the Youth League Chairman and has been accused of perpetrating and instigating most of the violence within the country.

These soldiers were termed as security risks after one of their fellow soldiers Sgt. Flomo Kollie took up weapon and held the Brigade Commander at gun point in October 2019 at 10:00 Am for what he termed at the time as no salary payment, the welfare of the soldiers were not cater to.

In the same October month, these soldiers were been consider as renegade and anti to the government of President George M. Weah thus information reaching our news desk says the Secret Sabu Unit have received direct orders to ‘take them out’.

The soldiers had a meeting to meet high command of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL) over numerous issues confronting the army. Amongst those were, their Mutual Aid Funds that were used by the past administration in which the current Defense Minister served as Chief of Staff of the Army.

The soldiers quoted by the paper said there is no way that the Minister of Defense at the time Brownie Samukai could sign up for the use of men in arms money without the approval of the Chief of Staff Major-Gen. Daniel Ziankahn. They also highlighted the constant refusal of the government of President George Weah to pay their salaries as they face problems in maintaining their homes and sending their kids to school.

After the incident of their fellow soldier holding the Brigade Commander at gun point in October, the soldiers began to leave the barracks with their families and fleeing to exile for the fear of being killed.

Officer Richard Kargo, a soldier of the Armed Forces of Liberia life came under direct attack on November 29, after he physically battle with some members of the Sabu Unit around the Old road.

Officer Richard Kargo had gone to see one of his relatives around the Old road area on that holiday when some members of the Sabu Unit tailed him and accused him of being one of the soldiers that want to bring the government down. It was nasty, it was physical, it was a fight for life and Officer Richard Kargo survived and escaped the scene. He was warned that he will be haunted; his family will be haunted until they are dealt with.

Culled from Nations Times Newspaper Dec. 30, 2019 edition

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