Six arrested for mysterious disappearance of fisherman in Grand Kru

Flash Back: Man Handcuffed

Police in Grandcess, Grand Kru County, have arrested six persons, 4 males and 2 females for their alleged involvement in the mysterious disappearance of a fisherman.

Goffery Quiah and another man, unidentified, had gone fishing in deep sea when he reportedly fell off the canoe and subsequently disappeared into the water.

Development Superintendent Augustine Wolo speaking to Farbric News by telephone from Grandcess named some of the suspects as Nmah Chiedee, Toe Munah, Geeplay Wlorkpor and three others.

Superintendent Wolo said two of the suspects have confessed their involvement in the fisherman’s mysterious disappearance.

He said they have been transferred to Barclayville for further investigation.

Source: Farbric 101.1 FM

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