Simeon Freeman commits to creating private sector jobs in Liberia

Businessman Simeon Freeman

WASHINGTON, DC – (Globe Afrique) – The importance of private sector jobs growth in Liberia and private sector jobs development in Africa at large cannot be over-emphasized. Liberia, a West African nation where the average Liberian, according to the World Bank and several international institutions estimate, lives on less than $1 dollar a day faces serious unemployment crisis, especially in the private sector.  Youth unemployment is estimated at 85 percent according to the United Nations World Food Programme and the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF).

Simeon Freeman, a prominent Liberian businessman and one of the country’s respected and best-known political leaders, wants to change that.  Freeman whose vast business empire already employed dozens of Liberians said he wants to assist and work with the current Liberian administration, the Liberian business community and international partners in putting thousands of Liberians back to work in the private sector.

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