Simeon Freeman Blames Weah’s Gov’t On Lack Of ‘Unification’ for the Poor & Oppressed

The political leader of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) Simeon Freeman says there is ‘no unification for the poor and oppressed under President George Weah’s government

Freeman stated that the government cannot continue to talk about unification day celebrations when the lives of the people remain poor.

The MPC Political leader said National Unification Day under President George Weah Coalition for Democracy Change (CDC) is a complete joke that should not be taken seriously by any Liberian.

Liberians on Monday, May 15, celebrated ‘Unification Day’, and strangely there was no official program set up by the government to commemorate the Unification Day celebration.

‘To build a national identity, the Legislature of Liberia passed an Act in the 1959/1960 Session declaring the 14th Day of May of Each Year as the National Unification Day of the Republic of Liberia. The day reminds Liberians to remember what they hold in common and not to dwell on how they diverge’.

Simeon Freeman stated that Liberians cannot unite when there persist hunger and destitution among the vast majority of its people which has accelerated since the coming of the Weah’s administration in 2018.

Addressing scores of Citizens mostly Youths in District No. 13 when he officially did the kickoff for the final of the Chocolate City block league he narrated that National Unification under the leadership of President Weah is a serious challenge because the government is still playing insensitively to the economic and social privilege plight of the Liberian people

He said nothing significant is been done to strengthen national Unification under the leadership of President Weah due to a lack of understanding by public officials which continued to undermine the unity of the country.

“As we celebrate National Unification Day, I encourage Liberians to take this day to think and reflect about the choices you have to make come October 10, 2023. That choice must ensure we bring a better leadership for Liberia.”

“When Liberians can begin to migrate to the place where people can see themselves in the National Unification and national dreams it makes the National Unification meaningful and not the current state of affairs under President George Manneh Weah.” Freeman averred.

The MPC political leader further indicated that people were finding it very difficult to see and feel the entire essence of National Unification Day, it remains the obligation of the people’s government to properly communicate to the people and find a solution to the socio-economic plight of the suffering people.

MPC Freeman: “The government needs to create more jobs, more employment, more capacity for women, and a more conducive business environment,”

“The economic issues are many but those are some of the low-hanging fruits that create an opportunity for them to come together, and interact with each other. But as the economic issues remain, so shall those social issues keep the people away from being unified.”

Simeon Freeman frowned over the failure of successive Liberian governments to put a stop to the absolute importation of rice which remains Liberia’s basic commodity.

Freeman argued that Liberia there was no reason why Liberia cannot be one of the largest producers of sugar in West Africa because the country has all it takes including the land space for rice production.

The Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) Political leader and Executive of the Party visited Montserrado County, Distance #13 Chocolate City Community, and participated in the grand finals of their block league, where he gives the kickoff of the game.

He provided fifty thousand Liberian dollars as support to the league and ten thousand Liberian dollars for the female team that emerged as the winner of the tournament.

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