Sierra Leone Media Confirms Attack On Liberian National Team, Describing Them As ‘Thugs’

SLFA President Isha Johnhassen statement that annoyed Liberian officials

A Sierra Leonean media as confirmed Saturday’s attack on the Liberian national players, noting that a  group of thugs attacked players of the national team of Liberia–The Lone Stars–during their practice at the Siaka Stevens Stadium yesterday , casting doubt on  tonight’s big World Cup clash between them and the national team of Sierra Leone, the Leone Stars.

According to videos of the attack, recorded and spread on social media by the Liberian players themselves, thugs allegedly pelted them with stones as they practiced at the rain-soaked stadium. The players quickly abandoned the practices and retreated into their bus where they started recording the event. The video showed the thugs around the bus, menacing the Liberian players and officials in the bus.

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