Sheikh Al-Moustapha Kouyateh, Montserrado County Senatorial Hopeful Speaks Out

Sheikh Al-Moustapha Kouyateh, Business Executive

One of the senatorial hopefuls for the pending midterm elections, Sheikh Al-Moustapha Kouyateh has been speaking about the future of Liberia, and his intent of capturing the senatorial seat of Montserrado County; his quest for the nation and its people.

Mr. Kouyateh who is also Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Farafina Investment Group in Liberia has vast interest in General Construction, Trading & Commerce, Agribusiness and Logistics, and also run Communications Networks among other subsidiaries has been in the vanguard for the growth and development of his motherland has been telling exclusively with the GNN about the future of Liberia; his quest for a better Liberia amongst the comity nations has always been noticed.

‘Sheik Kouyateh’ as he is affectionately called has brought lots of changes in the life of Liberians through job creation, and empowering them to make life better for themselves, and their families, he has also established himself as an Pan Africanist who is running for Montserrado County senatorial seat in the upcoming midterm election scheduled for December 8, 2020.

Sheikh Kouyateh who always said he will never be a politician who supports the wrong for personal gains, and will not compromise his integrity; noted, “I will always have the personal courage to speak the truth, even if it is not in my best interest. I have been involved in the politics of our country from the time I was only a teenager. I have been privileged to see the growth of our democracy to where it is today. My passion for politics has been driven by the desire to serve and serve honorable. To do what is in the best interest of the country and not my personal best interest. I have been a staunch promoter and advocate of good governance and a champion in the fight against corruption, which remains cancer in our nation. I am a man who detests corruption and any dictates that do not conform to Ideas of good governance,” he told this writer recently in a chat.

Sheikh Al-Moustapha Kouyateh and his lovely wife

As a man of principles and integrity, said he progressively criticized the Sirleaf led government and provided suitable recommendations, and played a crucial role in changing the previous regime when Liberians decided to put in power President George M Weah, adding, “As a member of the then Opposition CDC in 2013, I criticized lawmakers of the Congress for Democratic Change for betraying the Liberian people by allowing former President Johnson Sirleaf to pass over 60 Concession Agreements against the Liberian people. I also took to task the entire Legislature for subjecting itself to the Executive Branch of Government,” he told the GNN during a brief interview.

Reflecting on the past, Sheikh Kuyateh said, “Even as a member of the ruling party, I have remained true to my values. I have disagreed with the leadership on matters that affected Liberians. In the last few months, I have written to the chairman of the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) Hon. Mulbah K. Morlu, Jr. demanding that action is taken regarding matters that affect the people of Liberia. I will make available to the media my communication to the party, which unfortunately landed on deaf ears. I have always disagreed with the leadership for shielding and allowing corruption in government while Liberians suffer. For this reason, I shall continue to fight until we bring all the champions of corruption to book”.

Sheikh Al-Moustapha Kouyateh and his kids

On the issue of youth empowerment, Sheik Kuyateh said, “My conviction in youth empowerment has made me be attached to every youth organization. I believe that a job without skill is insecurity for any employee. Therefore, I am always mentoring young people to become skillful. As Senator, I will make the skills development part of my agenda. I am very much aware that no meaningful development can take place if we leave the youth behind,” he noted.

On social justice, he pointed out that, “Those who know me well would agree that I am a staunch campaigner for social justice for women and children’s rights. Therefore, as a Senator, I will propose a Bill to make rape a punishable crime by Castration or a minimum jail term of 25 years. This will make sure that our girl children and women are protected. I will also work with my colleagues to propose the creation of the Ministry of Religion and Cultural Affairs. This Ministry will ensure the teachings of religion and African cultures to help change the mindset among Liberians”, he added.

Speaking on the fight against corruption, Sheikh Kouyateh said, “I am a consistent voice in the fight against corruption, and I pledge to continue this path until we change the narrative. Many politicians take advantage of the offices they hold and abuse power for personal gains. To fight this, I shall propose a bill known as Asset Verification. When this bill is passed into law by the Legislative body and signed by the President of the Republic of Liberia, it will give an account of their properties and make justification on the source of his or her wealth,” he added.

Seeking for equal opportunities for all, he stressed further, “I do not believe in disability and disadvantage. I think that when every citizen is provided with the opportunity to become skillful, the differently abled people will learn how to be abled and they will be useful to society. With capacity building and rehabilitation, I believe that such a program will be advantageous to those society defines disabled and Disadvantaged. When elected, I will advocate building an institution for Innovations and creativity, Vocational and technical Studies, and other career breeding fields. I will aim to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor by way of making sure we all have equal opportunities regardless of one’s academic qualification”.

On the protection of land and natural resources of Liberia, Mr. Kouyateh also stressed, “I do not believe in the Concessions of our land and natural resources. I want Liberians to serve as Prime participants and contributors to the sustainability and development of Liberia. I will propose a Bill that will empower farmers to sign Corporate Agreements with any investor that has an interest in the agriculture and food sectors. No international company should be given the right to explore natural resources without a Liberian shareholder. I will ensure that within the first quarter of my being in office as Senator, we introduce laws that favor Liberians”.

Concluding on his interest to revive the country, the youthful administrator said, “I am working closely with the young people of Liberia to support National Youths Services. This program will create the opportunity for service to the state in every field of study and will enhance integration, solidarity, and peaceful coexistence amongst young Liberians. The program will also introduce a unique program for the reintegration of former young convicts back into society. I believe this program is only achievable when every member of the Liberian Senate is seen as a candle, and every people’s ambitious concept and legislation serve as lighter for all 30,” he concluded during a chat with the GNN.

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