Sheikh Al Moustapha Kouyateh Criticises Weah’s-Led Gov’t, Says Increased Corruption Is Evident

The former second time Montserrado County Senatorial Candidate, Sheikh Al Moustapha Kouyateh has publicly criticised the George Manneh Weah’s-led government for what he called the rigging of the future of the Liberian children which he noted is evidenced by the wave of endless corruption and mishandling of Power.

In a press statement issued today, May 22, 2022, Mr. Kouyateh said:

I am unease as we witness the rigging of the future of our children by the Weah led government evidence by misapplications of funds and mishandling of Power.

I want to use this occasion to call on President George M. Weah to responsibly act in the interest of our soveirignty to retrieve all Diplomatic Passports in circulation for the purpose of ensuring these passports do not continue to land in the hands of unscrupulous individuals and on some occasions criminals.

It is clear that since the inception of the CDC led government headed by our Footballing President, the issue of the holders of our Diplomatic passports continues to undermine the good image of our dear country.

It started with former Director of Passports, Mr. Andrew Wonplo, and what was shameful was that Mr. Wonplo was  prosecuted and acquitted by the Justice system of the WEAh led government on grounds that there were no sufficient evidence to convict him.

Let me submit  appreciations on behalf  of Liberians to the US who subsequently designated Mr. Wonplo, which I believe  led President Weah to send him on exile as to avoid mention of names of top government officials, including himself.

Members of the Press, fellow Liberians. It is unthinkable that our Diplomatic image as a Nation continues to suffer setback because of Irresponsible and misleadrship by the Weah led government.

Again, one of President Weah’s agents of Fraud was arrested in the United States for Money Laundering and there are many more with Liberia’s Diplomatic passports that are religiously involve with illegal businesses and money laundering protected by the Government of Liberia.

I am begging the US government  and other friendly countries to scrutinize every official  and Diplomatic Passports holders at every entry points.  It is so sadden that the once valuable Liberian Diplomatic passports have become a questionable dossiers due to fraudulent attributes of the George Weah led government.

Members of the Press, and noble people of Liberia. The future of our country remains bleak as the Weah led Government officials  desire for wealth has invented misapplication, fraud, unceasing corruption as a system of governance  to the detriment of the citizenry.

However, I am calling on President Weah to rethink his desire for the country as he promised prior to the 2017 Presidential elections. The recent report of the GAC is a clear manifestation that the Government of Liberia headed by President George Manneh Weah lacks the ability to lead the Liberian people for the next 6 years.

Members of the Press and Fellow Liberians, I would like to once again call on the International community to sanction President George Manneh Weah and his officials of Government that are involve in corruption.

Thank you and God Bless Liberia

Written by: Sheikh Al Moustapha Kouyateh

Former  2 times Senatorial Candidate

Montserrado county

Issued: May 22, 2022

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