Severe turbulence leaves 11 seriously injured on Hawaiian Airlines flight

Eleven people have been seriously injured after severe turbulence rocked a Hawaiian Airlines flight.

The incident occurred shortly before the flight, which was carrying 278 passengers and 10 crew members, was due to land in Honolulu after taking off from Phoenix on Sunday.

Jon Snook, the airline’s chief operating officer, said the airline hasn’t experienced “an incident of this nature in recent history”.

A total of 36 people received treatment for cuts, including to the head, as well as bumps and bruises. Some people were nauseous and vomited as a result of extreme motion, officials said.

Of those injured, at least one person was reported to have been rendered unconscious but all patients were awake and talking when they arrived at hospitals, Jim Ireland, director of Honolulu Emergency Medical Services, said.

“We feel fortunate that there were not any deaths or other critical injuries. And we’re also very hopeful that all will recover and make a full recovery,” Mr Ireland said.

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