Several Diplomatic Missions Accredited  To Liberia Issue Joint Statement on Elections Violence

Vehicles believed to be part of Grand Cape Mount senatorial candidate, Simeon Taylor, set ablaze

The United Nations in Liberia, ECOWAS, the EU Delegation and the Embassies of the EU Member States (France, Germany, Ireland, and Sweden), the Embassy of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and the Embassy of the United States of America appreciate and share the profound values Liberians hold for peaceful and democratic processes and protection of human rights.

We have invested heavily and worked strenuously alongside Liberians from all political parties and all walks of life to promote peace, security, and democratic institutions in this country.

We deplore the incidence of violence in Grand Cape Mount yesterday, including the burning of cars and looting and burning of a house, and are certain that the vast majority of Liberians would wish to disassociate themselves from such acts.  In this regard, we fully support the statement this morning by President George Manneh Weah condemning the violence and calling for political partisans and their leaders to conduct themselves peacefully.

There must be a full investigation of incidences of violence, including yesterday’s, and all those found responsible must be held accountable.  Law enforcement agencies must be granted sufficient resources to carry out their work, including the provision of security to political candidates and polling sites.

We recall commitments stakeholders made in the Code of Conduct to ensure a peaceful and transparent electoral process.  We call on all parties to renounce the use of provocative language and dissemination of misinformation and falsehoods that only promote political tensions, divisiveness, and violence and risk the progress Liberia has continuously demonstrated since 2005.

We further call on political leaders and electoral candidates to pursue any disputes through peaceful means and dialogue, in accordance with the law.  International partners are following closely Liberia’s adherence to the rule of law and its advancement of peace and democracy.

We look forward to witnessing the voting process on December 8, and support Liberian civil society observation and monitoring initiatives as well.  We remain confident in the strong commitment of the Liberian people to peace, stability, and development and continue dedicating our support to advance these essential goals.

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