Several Homes Set Ablaze In Nimba County By Angry Crowd, Following Mobbing To Death 25-Year-Old Man

OK FM Liberia has reported that angry crowd set several homes ablaze; destroy valuable properties in Geanplay Nimba County, after a 25 year old man was mobbed to death

The Geanplay town citizens had accused 25 year old Franklin Geamie of being a criminal, who entered their town to steal animals.

Following the death news of Franklin Geamie, aggrieved citizens of Karnplay Town, which is few miles away from Geanplay were the incident took place, move into Geanplay and allegedly set ablaze several houses and destroyed other properties.

According to eye witnesses’ account, the deceased had left Karnplay City and was on his way to Geanplay, when he got attacked and mobbed to death by some citizens of Geanplay, who alleged that the deceased was on his way to steal cattle from their town.

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