Senator Prince Johnson Reawakens News Of Mysterious Deaths Nowadays In Liberia

The former rebel leader turned politician and religious preacher, Nimba County Senator, Prince Y. Johnson has accused the Liberian Government of lying about the mysterious killings of innocent people in Liberia nowadays, making specific reference of the mysterious deaths of Melvin Alex Early, an agent of the elite Executive Protection Service (EPS) in Tappita, Nimba County in 2021 that he shot himself three times in the head is a lie.

Speaking during his regular Sunday service at his Chapel of Faith Ministries in Monrovia amid applause from the congregation, Johnson also recounted how four auditors including two employees of the Liberia Revenue Authority who were found dead in a car, Gifty Lama, acting manager for tax services and Albert Peters, assistant commissioner for audit.

Senator Johnson said a report released by the government alleged that the two were found in the car after having sex, noting that such report by the government was a maker, and further described said report as lie, stressing, “These Revenue officials who left their family home, were having sex in the car is a lied”, he told his congregation that with all these mysterious deaths their have been no investigation.

Amidst thunderous applauds and clapping from the congregation, Johnson also recounted the mysterious death of Princess Cooper in the fence of a Lebanese businessman, he said there has been no findings as to what led to her death; this government usually lied on these mysterious deaths. He blamed the government for not doing nothing to stop these terrible acts.

Johnson noted that as a result of all of these unwanted acts, investors have refused to come to Liberia, stressing, “Liberia has gone back to drain”.

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