LIBERIA: Senator Dillon Staffers Threaten To Revenge In Recent Violence Against Their Boss

Flash Back: Senator Abraham Darius Dillon and his entourage, thronged by scores of supporters came under a sudden barrage of stone throwing from what Mr. Dillon believes were supporters of the ruling party. The attack comes barely a week after Mr. Alexander Cummings, chair of the Collaborating Political Parties and Rep. Yekeh Kolubah were similarly attacked in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County (Photo credit: FPA)

It appears that Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon is not taking lightly acts of violence which he said have been perpetrated against him and his supporters over the past time.

So, this time, he has decided to revert to similar acts of aggression if such should be carried out against them in the impending December elections.

In an exclusive interview with this paper late Thursday on phone, he said, “we will remain peaceful in all that we do. But if we are provoked, we will not sit down and look.”

“If they use two by two planks or blocks, we will use eight by four planks or blocks too. We will not provoke anyone. We have always been peaceful and will remain peaceful, but we will not put our hands in our pockets and allow them to provoke us,” he said.

The senator made similar statements on Wednesday on OkayFM when he was invited.

He said that “Violent is not good anywhere. It kills the peace; it hurts the growth of the country and discourages investors from coming to the country and keeps our people poor and our country under develop. No one should engage into violence,” he said.

But he said, that does not mean they should stand and be attacked by opposition supporters. “You chunk rocks (throw stones), we will chunk rock. That is if you do not chunk rock, we will not chunk rock,” he said.

He asked; “Why we should we be the ones to be the victims.  So, they must punish those who commit violent.”

“I should stand as a leader and look? We will go peaceful. But since the justice system in this country is a regime form of justice system, when you chunk us with rock, we will chunk you.”

Then he continued: “when the ruling party, Congress for Democratic Change conducted their primary elections in various districts in Montserrado County, there was not stone throwing by anyone against them. Nobody intruded. CDC was given the space to operate. We in opposition, have the democratic tolerance to allow people to exercise their democratic rights.”

“We have always been the victims of violence with no action taken Telia Urey almost got killed in district 15. Her brand new car got busted up. Nobody got arrested, prosecuted or held liable for the violence.  In District 13, blood was spilled, video was available.  To see Jefferson Koijee (Monrovia City Mayor) there leading gangsters. Have you heard of any punishment? No no.”

He added: “It is simple. We will to go campaign.  We will be peaceful. Then when people throw rock, we will stand up and they chunk us than our blood spilled? That thing is stupid.”

Source: TNR

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