Senator Johnson Threatens 2023 Elections, Predicting “It Would Be Rigged If”…

Flash Back: Senator Prince Y. Johnson with President Weah at the back

Nimba County controversial Senator and a  former rebel leader of the disbanded Independent National Patriotic Front of Liberia-INPFL, turned Evangelist, Senator Prince Y. Johnson, says there is a consultative plan by the George Weah’s administration to rig the general and presidential elections in Liberia come 2023.

In a video discussion which is making rounds on social media Facebook, Senator Johnson is heard loudly in a conversation with elders and youth in the commercial city of Ganta, on last Thursday, October 31st, 2019, when he toured a newly constructed school complex, that ‘in consideration of the prevailing hardship of the ordinary people of Liberia, especially lack of salary payment of civil servants, continued unemployment and rising crime rate, the only way President George Weah will maintain state power is to rig the 2023 general and presidential elections.

Evangelist Prince Johnson stated that he foresees “chaos, destruction before President Weah can retain state power, due to many other factors.”

Even though the Executive Mansion has not officially responded to this renew accusation by Senator Prince Johnson, yet, the rebel leader turned Evangelist states that his outburst is a ‘message from God’.

In recent days, Radio listeners remembers to tone in to State Radio each Sunday to listen to Senator Prince Johnson, who on many occasions reveal so many decisions in the corridor of power.

It may be recalled, Senator Johnson in a sermon on first Sunday in September 2019, informed his congregation that he would be traveling to Nigeria to consult his “godfather” Pastor T. B. Joshua, of the T. B. Joshua’s Synagogue in Nigeria whether he should continue supporting President Weah or not.

During the sermon, Evangelist Prince Johnson sermon warned President George Weah to take practical steps to rescue his government from being heavily overwhelmed continued protest and demonstrations.

Evangelist Prince Johnson: “You’re now the President, but your regime from its beginning is characterized by so many demonstrations. Are we asking ourselves why is it so? Country Giant moving, opposition give way. The people are now calling us the devil. Why?”

“Stop witnessing Chelsea and Barcelona games, because you have been scheduled.”

“The people who overwhelmingly supported and voted for you President Weah,  feels betrayed, because you have neglected them, “even from being in the photo.”

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