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Henry Petro Costa – MAN OF THE YEAR 2019

MAN OF THE YEAR 2019 – After an earth-shattering collection of data from dozens of Liberians across the country, including also those in the diaspora via entries agreed that our Man of the Year, Henry Petro Costa worth to be given this accolade.

Justifying why he should be given this award, majority argued that his role played over the years; advocating for the rights of the Liberian people at the detriment of his life should not be swept under the carpet waiting for his demise before pouring praising him.

Costa, a fierce critic of the government is also the lead organizer of two successful protests under the banner of the Council of Patriots (CoP) #SaveTheState# which had the CDC-led government feet to the fire for its alleged misuse of the country’s resources including the alleged missing sixteen billion Liberian dollars, and the Twenty Five Million United States Dollars for mopping exercise which is yet to be accounted for.

Despite of his academic pursuit in the United States, Costa made sure to to come to Liberia in pressurizing the Weah led government to explain to the Liberian people of the role his government played in the alleged misapplication of the funds mentioned.

Henry Petro Costa late nightmare was his reported arrest in neighboring Sierra Leone amid allegations of travelling with fake documents, as he was being declared a fugitive by the Liberian government calling on its Sierra Leone counterpart to hand him over for investigation, but this call was rejected, now Costa is in the United States vowed to return to Liberia in May 2020 in continuation of his advocacy.


With all of these threatening security situations, it has been agreed by those majorities who submitted their entries that he should be named as Man of the Year – 2010/2020.

VP Jewel Howard Taylor – WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2019

WOMAN OF THE YEAR 2019 – Former First Lady and current Liberian Vice President, Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor nomination as Woman of the year has overwhelmed our list of entries with all recommending for her to be named for such title 2019/2020.

Since Vice President Taylor ascendency as Liberia’s Vice President in 2017, uncountable encounters ranking from her alleged removal as Vice President of the Republic of Liberia by some forces allegedly in the corridor of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC), and the alleged report that the President (George Weah) and Vice President (Jewel Howard Taylor) were not on speaking term for a period of long time.

With all of these reports, the Vice President overwhelmingly performed her nationalistic duties as Vice President of Africa’s oldest republic despite of all odds representing Liberia on the international scene; ingoing all of these reports.

According these unconfirmed reports, the Vice President was always left in the cold; this dilemma of the elected Liberian Vice President publicly caught the eyes and ears of those who sent in entries for her nomination for the title our 2019/2020 ‘Woman of the Year.

Her more recent nightmare was the reported halting of her benefits allegedly from the Ministry of Finance, Development and Planning (MFDF), this drama accordingly stalled her constitutional responsibility as Liberian Vice President.


Despite all of these unforeseen situations, the Vice President remains as Liberia’s constitutional Vice President swallowing all the bitter pills, this  situation won her this title amongst other prominent Liberian women for this year’s personalities of the year.

Representative Prince Moye -LAWMAKER OF THE YEAR 2019

LAWMAKER OF THE YEAR – Our lawmaker of the year is Bong County Electoral District #2 Representative who is also Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Prince Moye; his reputation of a good representation is the country and the nation has overwhelmingly won the hearts and minds of many in his home county, Bong County, and even those in this republic.

Representative Moye who over the past years has gained a reputation as one of the hardworking lawmakers in the county has been admired for providing job opportunities for his people back home; his chain of businesses including owner of the largest farm for rubber and other crops is said to be making progress in the growth and the county economy development.

In Bong County’s fourth district, Rep. Moye is collaborating with the district’s lawmaker, Robert Womba, is constructing an elementary school in Zota District. He recently, with the collaboration of Dennis Garsinii, a Bong County citizen based in the United States of America, brought into the country a consignment of drugs valued at over US$250,000.

Besides, Rep. Moye is working with seven of the eight lawmakers in Bong County to initiate projects in their districts. “I have always been a team player. Working with my colleagues to help them achieve their legislative promises doesn’t only bring respite to me but makes me feel achieved as a lawmaker who wants to the best for my county,” Rep. Moye told journalists recently in an exclusive interview.

“I have intervened in community-driven projects initiated by my colleagues in Grand Bassa, Nimba and Margibi counties. Remember, the Legislature is all about teamwork.,” Rep. Moye said.

Personally, he is constructing a state-of-the-art high school with a vocation annex. The School compound has a Clinic, Staff Quarters, A Cafeteria, Chapel, and Radio and Television Stations. When completed, it will be the first of its kind in Bong.


His quest to see his county take the next level in development has won him a popular support to be named as Lawmaker Maker of the Year 2019

Rep Ceebee C.D. Barshell – POLITICIAN OF THE YEAR

POLITICIAN OF THE YEAR  – Montserrado County District # 3 Representative of the former ruling Unity Party (UP) Ceebee C.D. Barshell is our politician of the year – 2019/2020; his relationship with his people in the district is said to speak volume due to his hard work helping to improving the livelihood of those who elected him as their representative in the National Legislature.

His educational desire for his people in his district and other residents by establishing an academic institution which grouped thousands of school and college going pupils in its primary, secondary college institution that has overwhelmed many who believe the quest of their lawmaker to see their educational sojourn getting to the next level must be laudable, and be publicly appreciated.

According to those who submitted their entries in support of Representative CeeBee C.D. Barshall’s nomination as our Lawmaker of the Year 2019 emphasized his cordial relationship with his people in the district which they described as a lawmaker without border in his district and other nearby districts has helped to award him this title as lawmaker of the year.


Representative Barshall nomination as our Lawmaker of the year has overwhelmed all of those who submitted their entries to justified that he is their choice for this year’s award.

Dewitt vonBallmoos – DIRECTOR GENERAL OF THE YEAR 2019

DIRECTOR GENERAL OF THE YEAR – The significant and farsighted role played in securing a modern office complex which has helped to beautified and modernized the suburb of Sinkor has added more grease to the elbow of GNN DIRECTOR GENERAL OF THE YEAR 2019, Mr. Dewitt vonBallmoos,  Director General of the National Security & Welfare Corporation (NASSCORP).

His professional managerial skills working closely with his team of technocrats who are suited well at this corporation making sure that the people’s money is wisely utilized, and their benefits from the NASSCORP’s pension scheme are equally distributed to them without any foul play.

The securing of a new office complex is a plus to the management team of Mr. Dewitt vonBallmoos after completing a multimillion commercial complex ideally situated in Paynesville, and the construction of a modern state of the art diagnostic center which is now helping to reduce the number of people seeking advanced medical treatment abroad.


With some of these beautiful projects been undertaken successfully under the watchful eyes of the NASSCORP’s Director General, many have agreed that yes indeed his nomination and subsequent selection as GNN Director General of the year must applauded, noting that he and his staff deserve this honor.


MEDIA GURU/TOURISM PERSONALITY OF THE YEAR – His works over the years as Public Relations consultant, has indeed won the hearts of Liberians, and other foreign residents, especially when he professionally organized the Mss. Liberia Pageant 2011/2012, Christopher Hayes Onanuga by popular request has won our Media Guru and Tourism Personality of the year 2019.

Being very innovative and his passion for the development of the country’s tourism sector, and his willingness to infusing a new dynamism in the promotion of this sector, our personality of the year also launched the National Excellence Award in 2009 aimed at trawling out individuals who over the years immensely have contributed their professional talents for the growth of Liberia.

On media development and investment, Mr. Onanuga who runs a professional public relations consultancy firm, the CT COM Liberia Limited which has over the years invested US$1.6 million with interest in advertising, marketing, broadcasting, print and other media related services by providing training job opportunities to dozens of young Liberian would be broadcasters and journalists; his passion for this sector has no border as his quest is to see a new revolution in the sector and is the  owner of one of Liberia’s independent radio station, the Kool 91.9 FM .

Our personality of the year is also an investment lobbyist with huge international influence and network, who has had serious of clashes with the Liberia Government in 2019, confronting the Ministry of Information and tourism on how best the sector could be a better relating to its performance, which at long last led to the introduction of a Bill in the House of Representatives to separate the Bureau of Tourism from the Ministry of Information.


Christopher Hayes Onanuga’s selection as our Media Guru of the year was based on the submission of dozens of entries in his favor describing him as a man with passion for the growth and development of the country’s tourism sector.

Belle Cassa Hotel -HOTEL OF THE YEAR 2019

HOTEL OF THE YEAR – Bella Casa Hotel which is noted for its unparalleled tradition of excellence in service and hospitality has earned a unique reputation in Liberia as one of the best hotels; its professional staffs who many of them have had several years of experience in hospitality are winning the hearts of many of its visitors.

Operated by one of Liberia’s experienced young entrepreneurs in the sector, despite of all odds, Mr. Amin Modad, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of this preferably suited hotel is doing all to compete with foreign owned in providing professional services despite the reported game being played to frustrate this Liberian owned establishment.

This well established Liberian owned business entity over the years has been finding it very difficult in the hands of some foreign competitors whose hotels in the same sector are doing all to overshadow by reportedly getting the support from the power that be, and neglecting a Liberian owned business has employed dozens of Liberians, and further contributing to the growth and development of the Liberian fragile economy.


With all of these frustrations, the hotel is doing all to providing better services to the Liberian people and its foreign guests, a situation that gave rise for its selection as our Hotel of the Year 2019   reportedly.


PEACE ADVOCATE OF THE YEAR 2019– Madam Juli Endee, Liberia’s Cultural Ambassador who has always been on the forefront on the preservation of peace in Liberia has again captured the minds of many of those who submitted their entries in support of her nomination as our Peace Advocate of the Year 2019.

Ambassador Endee’s role over the years making sure that the peace Liberians have been yearning is sustained has been appreciated by even our international partners and the global community for tirelessly doing all in her powers for peace in Liberia.


Her selection as GNN Liberia ‘Peace Advocate of the year’ has popularly won the hearts and minds of many Liberians who have over the years viewed her activities as a real peace broker; her role been locally and internationally admired has indeed overwhelmed many.


SECURITY OFFICER OF THE YEAR 2019 – The Inspector General of the Liberia National Police (LNP), Col. Patrick Sudu since his ascendancy as Chief of the LNP has exhibited his professionalism to the highest peak, dislocating the police from a partisan posture to an independent state security.

Many the entries received referenced the professional role played by the police under the commend of Col. Patrick Sudu during the June 7, 2019 Council of Patriotic protest when the police exhibited professionalism in its quest to provide security for the protesters who were in their thousands, unfortunately the January 6, 2020 protest also organized by the CoP when a disruption took place where police had to disperse protesters with water candles.


Col. Sudu has won GNN Liberia title as its Security Officer of the year 2010/2020 due to his independent role played in his performing of his assigned duty as Chief of the Liberia National Police based on entries received from the public.

PROFESSIONAL PRIVATE SECURITY AGENCY OF THE YEAR 2019 – Our  professional private security of the year – 2019 is the Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL); its trained and professional  guards has won the hearts of many Liberians, especially those who  have resolved to utilizing its services.

SEGAL which has been in the security industry for over 12 years is making the difference in the sector while are the same time winning the trust of the public, owned by one of Liberia’s renowned security expert, Momo Cyrus has made numerous contributions to the growth and development of the Liberian economy, especially providing jobs to hundreds of jobless Liberians in the sector.

PROFILE OF SEGAL – Introduction and Historical Context

The Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL) has emerged as Liberia’s premier, outstanding and preeminent unarmed private security company throughout the political landscape of Liberia. SEGAL was established during Liberia’s postwar transition on May 10, 2006. Since then, SEGAL has become a household name among competitive and highly efficient security companies. The key to this success story is largely due to the unquenchable desire of the Professionals and Experts who conceived and organized the Company.

These enterprising breed of Liberians strategically calculated that restoring the Liberian economy during those years of fragile security required an outfit with versified judgment and/or intelligence to protect private investors, humanitarian institutions, development agencies and the wider international community.

Since then SEGAL has singularly provided uninterrupted physical security to numerous clients in varied domains of engagements. SEGAL has also collaborated with like-minded locally based private security agencies as a significant link of global network of agencies committed to thwarting, containing and neutralizing threats and criminality whether on individualized or organized fronts from retarding economic and social progress.

These services are either carried out through physical security, manned escorts or consultancy coaching and mentoring. SEGAL provides consultancy services to a wide range of clients in the region. Our watchword that emanates from Latin translates: “Excellence in Service delivery, Everywhere, Every Time and In all situations”. This commitment to excellence has earned SEGAL several commendations from clients and the civil society.

Line of Services:

  • Electronic Security i.e. Time Attendance, Burglary Alarm System, GPS Tracking System, CCTV Installation & Monitoring System,
  • Private Security Guard Services
  • Security Escort Services
  • Special Events Security
  • Corporate Security Services
  • Private Investigation
  • Bank Protection
  • Aviation Security
  • Industrial/Mining Security


SEGAL security guards have no border in the performing of their duty; providing all professional services including VIP Protection,  and other interest of professional assignments aimed at saving lives and properties, a move that have been observed by many who believed that this agency should be awarded for its professional services over the years.

For this reason, GNN has chosen this unique private security agency as its SECURITY of the year 2019.

Senator Abraham Darius Dillon – SENATOR OF THE YEAR

SENATOR OF THE YEAR –   Senator Abraham Darius Dillon of Montserrado County is our Senator of the Year 2019; his aggressiveness in approaching national issues that make sense in the interest of the Liberian people has won him this title in the shortest period of time since his ascendancy.

‘AB’ as he is affectionately call has brought his colleagues in the Liberian Senate to a book; being the first ever to cut his monthly salary in the amount of US$10,000.00 to his county has made him more popular amongst his colleagues, many of whom who are wondering as to the move of this  Montserrado County Senator, and what he wants to prove.

Apart from his monthly donation to his County, Senator Dillon has always been in the frontline advocating for the rights of the people not only for his County, but for the people of this republic.


His promises made to advocating for the people at all levels seems to remain intact, since he ascended to this highest legislative position as Montserrado County Senator, Senator Dillon is politically making the difference; speaking on genuine national issues.


RIGHTS ADVOCATE OF THE YEAR– Our Rights Advocate of the year is no stranger in the sector, especially in the Human Rights community of Liberia due to his role played over the years; providing legal and human rights services to the most needy.

Attorney Samuel Kofi Woods has been selected as our Rights Advocate of the year 2019/2020 based on a list of entries received with many recommending that Attorney Woods should be considered as our 2019/2020 advocate of the year.


His human rights advocacies over years has justified him to be selected as our Human Rights Advocate of the year 2019/2020; his legal assistance and human rights advocacy will be more vigorous in the years to come

UBA Liberia : BANK OF THE YEAR 2019

BANK OF THE YEAR 2019 – United Bank for Africa (UBA) Plc, is a leading pan-African financial services group which started operation nearly eleven years ago in Liberia has won GNN Bank of the Year 2019 for its professional services to hundreds of its customers here in Liberia.

The bank’s professional services and the introduction of several of its unique services making banking easy to all has further given rise to its selection as our bank of the year 2019; the introduction of its Mobile Banking Service to reduce and  the issue of overcrowded banking halls that poses serious challenge and loss of productivity to customers.

“Before now, UBA was the only bank that was offering both the Visa and the Liberian dollar Visa Card. I see some mobile competition now looking in that direction because we believe that with digital banking comes a lot of efficiency and convenience,” UBA Liberia CEO, Olalekan Balogun speaking at one of the bank’s newly introduced said.

Another overwhelming program introduced by the bank is the launch of chat banking product, Leo, an online banking platform also aimed at to making banking easy and convenient, especially in this 21st century, where activities have become fast-paced. This launch last year at a local high university brought together students who were impressed of this new program being introduced by the UBA Liberia for students.

The latest on the bloc by the UBA Liberia is also the launch of another fantastic service, the ‘Push and Pull Service’ with MTN Mobile Money recently becoming the second GSM Company to partner with the Bank on this initiative.

According to the bank, UBA Customers can now transfer money from their UBA Account to their Lonestar Cell MTN Mobile Money Wallet and vice versa, with this seamless platform, UBA customers will also be able to do bank account balance inquiry and monitor their bank transactions from both platforms.


Many Liberians and foreign residents who spoke to the GNN expressed thanks and appreciation to the management of UBA Liberia for its innovational services, and further recommended that this bank must be named as Bank of the year 2019.


Youth Advocate of the Year Our Youth Advocate of the year is no other but Martin K.N. Kollie is a global columnist and author of several articles aimed creating awareness of the importance of the of governance and its commitment to the people who elected it to power. His advocacy has gone beyond borders, educating the people of the role of their government and its obligation to them.

Kollie was one of the lead organizers of an anti-government organization who publicly demonstrated against the reported Missing Sixteen Billion Liberian Dollars which is yet to be noted of its whereabouts.

Recently Kollie fled the country following an alleged attack on his life by some armed men during his graduation from the University of Liberia, this alleged attack on his life is one of several attacks made on his life, this according to him, compelled him to flee the country.


Due to his fearless writing on issues affecting the state and its people, many of those who submitted their entries agreed that Martin KN Kollie be considered as our youth advocate of the year.

Kanvee Gains Adams – GOSPEL MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR 2019

GOSPEL MUSICIAN OF THE YEAR – One of Liberia’s finest gospel musical icon, Kanvee Gains Adams is our Gospel Musician of the year 2019/2020, her inspirational and awards-winning Gospel musical talent has made musician without border.

Kanvee recently won two distinct awards at the All Africa Music Awards (AFRIMA) out of the three categories in which she was nominated at a colourful event held last year in Lagos, Nigeria.


At the event, she saw off competitions from some top notch African musicians including the likes of Nigeria’s Teni, South Africa’s Kelly Khumalo, Kenya’s Olivia Ambani among others, bringing pride to her home country, Liberia with her newly released songs, ‘Daily Prayers’ and ‘Mama (Reloaded)’.


CABINET MINISTER OF THE YEAR – Minister of Mines & Energy, Gesler E. Murray is our Cabinet Minister of the year 2019/2020; his professional services combined with his team of ministers at that ministry have won him this title.

Since his ascendancy as Minister, Gesler E. Murray has done his best to bring to public ridicule those individuals who believe that the misuse of Liberia’s mineral industry through illicit mining must be put to rest by arrested anyone who are in the habit of defrauding  the country of its needed resources.

In order to make it known, Ministry Murray recently alongside with his professional team suspended the use of dredge at various mining sites, and also succeeded in seizure of dredge being used by foreigners and aliens who were illegally mining gold and diamond, the nation’s pressure stones at the detriment of the country.


Due to Ministry Murray’s hard work, dozens of Liberians overwhelmingly nominated him as one of our personalities of the year – 2019/2020; having showed his nationalistic gesture to making sure that Liberians enjoy the wealth of their country by chasing out those illicit miners.

Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama – BUSINESS MAN OF THE YEAR

BUSINESSMAN OF THE YEAR – His professional handling of the only brewery in the country, the Monrovia Brewery Incorporated (MBI) and the establishment of chain of businesses in the country providing job opportunities to hundreds of jobless individuals indeed speaks volume.

Dr. C. Nelson Oniyama has been tipped by many individuals who sent in their entries recommending that his selection as our Businessman of the year should be accepted and placed amongst those personalities of the year 2019/2020.

His entity, the Monrovia Brewery Incorporated is one of Liberia’s largest employer, and also the largest taxpayer in the country; its contribution to the growth of the Liberian economy has been highly graded by many Liberians including foreign residents.

Providing job creation to jobless individuals, his numerous investments including real estates and other commercial services have helped many in putting food on their tables to feed their families. An executive of the Liberia Chamber of Commerce has over the years won the hearts of Liberians, especially those who are in his employ at the MBI and his chain of businesses.


His selection was widely recommended via entries received; noting that such individual who has resolved to prioritize the well-being of his employees, and care for the growth of the national economy must be appreciated through this means.

L/R: ECOBANK Official and CEO of Nobel Liberia Jallah Kesselly during the launch of the program

NOBEL FINANCE IS MONEY TRANSFER SERVICE OF THE YEAR -Since its inception few years ago in Liberia providing Money Transfer Services to the public in Liberia, Nobel Finance seems to be gaining more popularity due to its professional and reliable services.

Its Money Transfer Service has overwhelmed nearly all of the banking institutions in the country where its partnership have been signed.

Many of the beneficiaries and recipients on Nobel Money Transfer services have lauded this initiative, noting that Nobel Liberia services are unique and easy to run through, especially with the level of professional staff in its employ.

In less than ten years, this financial institution seems to be making the difference by exhibiting high level of professionalism as many who submitted their entries urged for its selection as professional money transfer institution of the year.


Noticing the rapid reduction of overcrowding at various banks by individuals who have gone to receive money from their friends and relatives abroad, Nobel Money Transfer Services around the country is gaining more commendation from the public for helping to ease such situation through its unique services nationwide.


Miss Liberia Wokie Dolo -YOUNG HUMANITARIAN OF THE YEAR 2019

YOUNG HUMANITARIAN OF THE YEAR – Since her ascendancy up to presence as Miss Liberia few years ago, Ms. Wokie Dolo has been very active in providing humanitarian services to the most needy; rendering these services in Monrovia and its environs as always been her passion.

Since she launched the ‘Liberians for Clean Liberia’ Campaign in 2019 to educate Liberians on proper waste management and the environmental impact of illegal dumping of waste, Ms. Dolo has gone beyond doing all she can to encourage residents in keeping their environment clean, noting that clean environment means healthy life.

During the launch of the campaign last July in the densely populated Duala Market, backed with her team of young volunteers, encouraged Liberians to take responsibility as citizens irrespective of their status, to keep their community and street clean and to stop the illegal dumping of dirty on the street.


He selection as one of personalities of the year was based on dozens of entries received from individuals overwhelmingly agreed that her preferment as Humanitarian of the year 2019 should be welcomed due to her farsightedness in helping to see Liberia’s capital city becoming the cleanest cities in Africa.

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