Security forces arrest assailant shooting at protesters, police in Baghdad: Video

Credit: Press TV

Iraqi security forces have arrested a man who opened fire apparently on protesters and police officers in the capital Baghdad amid fresh protests against economic woes in the country.

The incident occurred in the capital in the afternoon on Friday, when a masked unidentified assailant approached the Tahrir Square on his motorbike, drew a pistol from under the bike’s seat, stood behind a low wall and began shooting.

According to an eyewitness account, the man was firing at people and police officers.

An armature video of the whole development, widely circulated on social media, showed that the gunman, who was standing by a suspected comrade, also pulled his cell phone from his pocket and began filming himself and speaking through the mobile.

The Arabic al-Alam News Network reported that the assailant was arrested with the help of demonstrators.

Iraqi security forces detain a number of gunmen in Baghdad and Najaf as fresh protests break out in the capital and the country’s southern cities against economic woes.

On Friday, a fresh wave of protests swept across Iraq’s capital and other localities south of the country following a period of calm in the country. The protesters want the government to make meaningful economic reforms and tackle corruption in state institutions. Similar anti-government protests left more than 150 people dead earlier in October.

Source: Press TV Online

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