Secret Recording Unearth Coup Plotters, VP Howard-Taylor Others Linked

Esther Walker (Recorded voice)

Another secret recording is currently being aired on locaile l and posted on social media network that some high profile officials including Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor to assassinate the Liberian leader, President George Manneh Weah has been unearthed.

The recorded voice believed to be that of Bong County Superintendent Esther Walker revealed  how she went over to the Jamaica Resort, an entertainment center of President Weah for a meeting with the President, but said surprisingly three high profile officials of the government including Mr. Samuel Tweah; Minister of Finance, Planning & Development,  Mr. Nathaniel McGill; Minister of State for Presidential Affairs, and Jefferson Koijee; Mayor of the City of Monrovia diverted her plans with the President at the Resort.

She revealed on the recordings that these three men told her that a plan which she (The Superintendent) is part of has been unearthed some chiefs, elders administration of the County and the Vice President, Jewel Howard-Taylor had all planned to stage a coup aimed at assassinating President Weah all the Vice President (Jewel Howard-Taylor) as the next President.

The recording also revealed that in this process of releasing the information of the alleged plot to kill the President, Minister Tweah could be heard in the recording as saying, “All of you that are linked to this will be dealt with,” while McGill who also sat listening to the entire allegation said, “They will be removed from this government instead”.

Below is the Audio recording (Credit: FPA)

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