Scam alert: Fiji Police Warn Against Calling International Number ‘+231’

FIJI Police have warned members of the public of an international call from a +231 number that has been confirmed to be a scam.

Spokesperson Ana Naisoro said the missed call starts with the international code +231 and believed to be generated from Liberia.

She said the phone calls generally came in at odd hours of the night or in the middle of the day and the call never lasted for more than two rings.

“These numbers are premium numbers and the instant you call back, you get charged at premium rates,” Ms. Naisoro said.

“By the time you disconnect, you will realise either you are out of precious mobile balance or there is a bump in your monthly bill.”

Police are advising members of the public not to call back any unknown numbers starting with +231.

Members of the public have also been advised to call 9905283 to verify any information about online or suspicious calls they may be receiving.

Source: The Fiji Times Online

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