Salvation Army Monrovia Divisional Commander Encourages Parents to Invest in their Children’s Education

The Monrovia Divisional Commander of the Salvation Army Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea Territory, Major Leonard Nyongesa has encouraged parents to always invest in their children’s education for what he calls ‘future harvest.’

Major Nyongesa said one of the ways parents can depend on their children to assist them in the future is through investing in their education; something he noted is not only for the parents, but the country and the world at large.

The Salvation Army Monrovia Divisional Commander speaking at the 25th graduation exercises of the William Booth Junior and Senior High school in Johnsonville, admonished parents to focus on the development of their minds, noting that when the minds of the younger generation are developed, the country will develop.

“Let us take caution of the challenges we face as young people mostly when it comes to drugs. Our Country or rather society shall never develop if we are addicted to drugs,” the Salvation Army Monrovia Divisional Commander encourages the graduates of the William Booth High School.

Lamenting further on the issues of drugs, Major Nyongesa disclosed that drugs have the propensity of destroying the minds of the incoming generation; something he stressed can also destroy the country or the larger society.

He used the occasion to challenge all parents, stakeholders not to get tire in speaking against the use of drugs by the future generation, noting that Liberia depends on the upcoming generation for the replacement of the older ones who are now stirring the affairs of the country.

The Salvation Army Monrovia Divisional Commander concluded his message by these words to the over 200 graduates of the William Booth Junior and Senior High School located on the pipeline Road in Paynesville “As you go out as a TSA William Booth Alumni…. A person who has been transformed from being foolish into being wise go with a clean hand that will represent William Booth and your parents,”

Meanwhile, the Director of Education of the Salvation Army School System, David S. Massaquoi congratulated the graduates for the massive achievement done so far by the completion of Secondary education at the Salvation Army School System.

Director Massaquoi noted that the class deserves the name Centennials of Nobility because according to him; they performed impressively to be awarded the noble crowns of the kings and queens of academic success.

The Salvation Army Director of Education disclosed that each of the graduates has great qualities of being a wonderful personality in the future, but depend only on their continuous strive for excellence in the area of academic.

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