Sacked Rex Tillerson urges staff to stay in posts after Trump ‘disagreements’

By Sanya Burgess | FOX News |

Rex Tillerson has been replaced as Secretary of State

Outgoing US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said he will remain at the White House until the end of the month to ensure a “smooth and orderly transition”.

In a statement to reporters hours after Donald Trump sacked him in a tweet to the public, Mr Tillerson paid tribute to those who work in the department.

And he urged those who have been working for him to “remain at their post and continue our mission”.

“We all took the same oath of office,” he said, adding: “We are all bound by that common commitment – to support and defend the constitution… to bear true faith and allegiance to the same, and to faithfully discharge the duties of our office.”

Mr Tillerson was dismissed following months of speculation over the former ExxonMobil CEO’s position.

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Source: FOX News Online

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