S.V. Colmschate ’33 Netherlands and Mineke Foundation Liberia Join Forces To Provide Opportunities For Liberian Children

Netherlands-based sports club SV Colmschate ’33 and Mineke Foundation based in Gardnersville, the suburb of Monrovia is expected to join forces aimed at working together on improving opportunities for children and youth in and around Dabwe Town in Gardnersville district.

According to a press release, the goal of this cooperation is to build child and youth resilience through physical activities, sports and games which will provide incentive to take personal responsibility and encourage social development.

In doing so, a difference can be made in the lives and futures of these children and youth. S.V. Colmschate ’33 and Mineke Foundation share similar goals and priorities in the areas of health, safety, physical activity, sports and games and the strengthening of local communities.

Both organisations are committed to ensuring that children and youth treat each other with respect and have fun together doing something they are passionate about. In this way, their chances for achieving their potential are also increased.

During the first phase of the cooperation, material support in the form of sports clothing will be donated.

Additionally, in cooperation with Dutch students, preliminary steps will be taken for an educational policy plan for sports, games, and physical activities for Mineke Foundation’s Kids and Youth Clubs in Liberia.

“We are extremely happy that we have found a partner in S.V. Colmschate ’33 with whom we can join forces, complementing and strengthening each other. Our vision is a just and peaceful society in Liberia in which people can positively influence their future by actively taking responsibility for their choices and the consequences of those choices. By increasing the resilience of youth in Dabwe Town, including extremely vulnerable children and teenagers, we are offering them chances for a better future, “ said Tonia Dabwe, founder and chair of Mineke Foundation.

“Health and safety, participations in sports, taking care of the environment and supporting local communities are our priorities. We are demonstrating our social engagement in these areas through

this cooperation with Mineke Foundation, for the children and youth in Liberia. By inspiring each other, through in-kind contributions or by working on the educational development of the Mineke Foundation team in the area of sports, “said Peter Janssen, chair of Colmschate ’33. About S.V. Colmschate ‘33

Sports club Colmschate ’33 was established in 1933, has 900 members, three hundred fifty volunteers, a “supporters’ club” of 110 members and welcomes approximately four thousand weekly visitors to its sports complex in Deventer, the Netherlands. S.V. Colmschate ’33 demonstrates its social engagement through its cooperation with organisations and institutions in various sectors including: sports, education, care and well-being, many of whom also regularly make use of the facilities.

More information about S.V. Colmschate ’33 can be found at: www.svcolmschate.nl

About Mineke Foundation

Mineke Foundation was established in 2009 by Tonia Dabwe, to continue the work in Liberia of her Liberian father and Dutch mother. Tonia’s mother, born in Oxe (Colmschate), has been missing since the Liberian civil war. The non-profit offers vocational, educational and social activities for children, youth and adults and encourages entrepreneurship.

The fundamental philosophy of Mineke Foundation is that people are responsible for their own lives. The Foundation helps shape this responsibility through direct involvement and long term commitment. For her work, Tonia Dabwe received the International Woman of the Year award in London in 2013.

For more

Information: www.minekefoundation.org or www.facebook.com/MinekeFoundation.

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